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 Soldier Allibobba
 Elite Officer Liverworst
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 Elite Officer Horribleodor

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Black Dog

Was in the time of the days of Shandrel..

After the Marauding Bloodhowlers march on our lands there was left behind a bloody descent.  Our colonies were reduced to a pulp of ash.  The battlefields of the Orc and Goblin war were filling and the strength of the Silvermane council of elders weakening.  The pestilence of a people shook by war and destruction had reached its apex.  The Vulmane brought order to the Chaos, judgement to the Broken fang gnolls.  But at a very troublesome cost.

Secretly residing within the chambers of the Silvermane council were the assassins, the Black Dogs as we were called.  The Humans and Dwarves grew suspicious of the newly civilized and evolving Vulmane.  The council began to worry that they would discover their dark secret, their dark army.  In the name of peace and civility they supplied the Marauding Bloodhowlers with arms to destroy the camps of our families and the memory of every dark deed.  Very few of us remain...

Five Brothers

Misterblack, Jan 6, 09 3:27 AM.
There is a good lvl 13 quest in the Blighted Lands called Five Brothers.  If you are interested in a walkthrough send a tell to Horribleodor or Alzmaeon.

Guild House

Misterblack, Dec 30, 08 2:01 AM.
We now have a guild house in Qalia on Baraba Coast.  Upstairs is where the storage chests are and downstairs is an item chest.  The items chest is available to all members of the guild.  Basically, if we find something that might be valuable to another player we put it in the chest.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Misterblack, Nov 1, 08 2:30 AM.
We now have a subscription and can add pictures.
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 Predator Armus

 Junkyard Dog Karsah

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 Junkyard Dog Lmako

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