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The Past
Nov 1, 08 7:07 PM
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Hail, wolves.

Please look through our new website.  All events, notifications, and updates will be posted here.  You can thank War-wolf Rorschak and Wolf Arein for their help in creating our storyline, which you can find in the entry below.

May your hunt be rewarding,

~Alpha Sinscythe
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The Past

540020079_Inactive, Nov 1, 08 7:07 PM.
    Many years ago, before the Scourge, we were simple.  Our homes in Kalimdor and Azeroth were boring to us.  Where was the new?  Where was the excitement?  We moved north, to the harsh and frozen wasteland that is called Northrend.  The winds bit across the land, whistling and roaring, scarring flesh and freezing ears.  There, we set up a village, where many Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, and indeed, even the occasional High Elf would live, explore, and survive.  Don't be fooled, surviving wasn't easy.  Those who weren't up to the task...well, they're dead now.
    We weren't the only ones.  Like-minded Alliance members also explored the vicious land.  Both of us called the place where we landed 'Windy Fjord', for the scything winds that ripped across the land.  For a time, we were happy.  Life wasn't easy, but it was exciting.  We were powerful.  Time passed, and children came.  It seemed as if we found the perfect place.
    Our village was built in a giant cave, carved in the ice by our mage, Makai'jin.  It was held up by huge totems carved by the Tauren, depicting many savage beasts, both of Kalimdor, and Northrend.
    Then something terrible happened.  We had no connections to Azeroth, for what runner would dare to travel across an entire sea, and brave the hostile land, just to deliver a letter?  However, the Scourge did not leave us be for our ignorance.  Demons of varying power began harassing our home.  We recieved a messege from the Alliance colony.  They wanted a treaty.  We would help defend eachother.  Our leader, Ren'thul, agreed.  We defended their camps, and they helped defend ours.  We were not friends, but our need was dire.
    Just as we were beginning to think we may pull through, we encountered our first Dreadlord.  The powerful being swept aside our defences as if they were nothing more than sticks.  Three of our most powerful mages held him at bay, and six paladins finally slew him.  The next night, the Alliance also had a great battle.  They called on our aid, and we came.  But when we arrived, there were not one, but two terrifying Dreadlords.  Abandoning their colony, the Alliance enlisted our aid to flee to the boats.  They promised us safe passage with them back home, to Lordaeron, and Kalimdor.  We tore a path through the endless tide of undead, and finally arrived at the harbor.  They boarded their ships, and untied.  As we tried to get on, the bastards turned their blades on us.
    "They need someone to kill, elf, and it's better that you die then intellegent beings like ourselves!"
    Their boats left, followed by the Scourge.
    The children were left alone at our village.  Soon, they were in search of their families, and found them.  The countless bodies, covered in blood and gore.  As we arrived, they started to rise.  Their eyes were blank, and they turned on us.  We had to slay our own families.  Our friends.
    Even on the boats, miles from shore, heard our howls of anguish.  Feeling we couldn't convey the hurt, a fledgling mage amplified our howls, and they ripped across the sea, the land, and the air.  The humans trembled.  The dwarves shuddered.  They knew our vengeance would come.
    We built the funeral pyres ourselfs.  We burned our dead, and vowed that we would slaughter them.  That the Alliance would pay.
    We named ourselves as wolves, and as wolves we were known.  The bastard Alliance returned home calling the land they abandoned 'Windy Fjord' no longer.  Now, it is referred to as 'Howling Fjord'.
    Now, we have returned home.  Our fangs are sharpened.  Our will as iron.  We were raised in the harsh lands of Northrend, and grew up killing to survive.  It's time to put our talents to the test.
    I promise you, my wolves, as a decendant of both the Sin and the Scythen clans, and as your Alpha, that the Alliance will pay.  Your families shall have revenge, and the debts owed to us, they will be repaid!
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