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Eminence LS Carbuncle
March Kitty Pants Madness
Apr 1, 09 11:30 PM
Good results, No Treasure Hunter! o.o
Mar 17, 09 11:43 PM
It does exist!
Mar 2, 09 7:49 PM
2hr's of death
Jan 10, 09 1:37 AM
Reinard and the kitty from hell!
Jan 8, 09 3:38 PM
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Welcome to your new website!

Greetings fellow linkshell members, visitors, and aspiring members.  Eminence is primarily a sky and social linkshell that was created by our very own Mehrunejr.  Eminence  takes pride in farming up pop items and slaying gods in an efficient but fun style.  We hope to get everyone what they want and enjoy in each other's successes.  Our primary times of gathering for sky are Tuesday and Wednesday at 9PM PST.  So, if you love farming sky, socializing, and having fun, then Eminence  is the place for you!  If you want to join our linkshell please fill out our application on our site and contact one of the officers of the linkshell in game to let us know you are interested.  Hope to see you at our next event! :)


March Kitty Pants Madness

Mehrunejr, Apr 1, 09 11:30 PM.
This month we have been getting lucky with despot claims + diorite drops. This month we got 3 haidates to drop which is very rare, grats to the winners of this month. Only a few more haidates to go!!!

Byakko Loot:

Byakko's hadaite - Zeoula

Byakko's hadaite - Jaqen

Byakko's hadiate - Koben

Good results, No Treasure Hunter! o.o

Mehrunejr, Mar 17, 09 11:43 PM.
So we decided to do suzaku, seiryu and byakko w/o TH - Kinda not a good idea right? But hey we got full drops on 2/3 of them so um...why have a thf for sky? Anyway grats to those who got drops they were very nice!

Seiryu Loot:

M. head - Mehrunejr

W. hands - Zeoula

Seiryu lolsword - ???

Suzaku Loot:

N. feet - Massagy
Suzaku sune-ate - Kygents

Byakko Loot:

E. feet - ???

It does exist!

Mehrunejr, Mar 2, 09 7:49 PM.
These past 2 weeks we been able to pull off some kirin's hoping for some W. legs or osode's, little do you know kirin finally dropped it on our last run. Grats to Kygents for waiting so patiently for them (6 months+). Hmm now with 12%+ movement speed do you think he'll die? Probably so :P
Grats to Jaqen on Osode and Tronsy on N. body!

Kirin Treasure:

W. legs - Kygents

N. body - Tronsy

Kirin's Osode - Jaqen

LS bank - O. ingot

2hr's of death

Mehrunejr, Jan 10, 09 1:37 AM.

We kicked off the new year with the pearl's first kirin. He wasnt as nice as he was back when we were SavageNomads but he did give up an osode for us. Who woulda thought Kirin and Mehrunejr are the same body size...

Kirin treasure:

Kirin's Osode - Mehrunejr

O. ingot - LS bank

D. ingot - LS bank

Reinard and the kitty from hell!

Mehrunejr, Jan 8, 09 3:38 PM.

After about 9 Byakko's another Haidate finally dropped, Grats to Reinard for finally getting them, We are happy for you dude. Now that means you will never die again right?

Byakko treasure:

Byakko's haidate - Reinard

Byakko's axe - Jaemoon

N. hands - Tronsy

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