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Nov 10, 08 5:18 PM



naravar, Nov 10, 08 5:18 PM.
Welcome veryone!! we have gotten a bit bigger which is what i've been striving for.

Just to go over a few things for the newest of our members, i'll detail our rules for attendance and lotting rights .

First off, don't be discuaraged by the big points on some of the ppl. We have almost everything we want and are just waiting on a few things that we are in line for. Most items are being able to be lotted on my ppl with less then 100 points, in most cases less then 50. So hang in there!!! You will get what you want sooner then later!!!

Lotting rights: we do not bid on items, we go by total points after deductions. if an item is up for grabs and 5 ppl are wanting said item, the highest points wins the item if it drops. all items have a straight cost. there are times that items will go for less then at cost, if no one bids on an item, it goes up for 1/2 points then free lot if no one wants to bid on it. You will see on members raid points 3 sets of #'s. The first # is total points, the second is points spent, and the third is points after adjustment. the adjusted # is the number used for lotting rights.
Highest # wins.

There are times that i will allow ppl with not the highest points to lot on an item. In all cases that's when someone has had 2 items lotted in any one run, i'll share the wealth in a manner of speaking.
Example: i get 2 items off 2 lessor gods, then i want another item and have more points then lets say demonfangs for something i want off another lessor god, but to spread the wealth, i will pass on that item and let it drop to demon if it drops.

Attendance: you can show up for as many runs as you want. I do not deduct points for no shows. mind you if you are on and not doing other events it would be good of you to show up for sky. it's your points, the more you show the more points you get and the faster you can lot on what you want. simple.

Well on that note, don't forget one thing above all, have fun in sky!!!!

If you have any questions you may tell me or anyone of the other sackholders for info.

Run times are mondays and wednesdays at 9 pm est, and sundays at 7 pm est.

Some changes on drops. All weapons will now be given out and asked for, if you want a sky weapon send me a tell before we kill the nm or god. lotting will be based on attendance and contribution to the ls, think of it as a bonus.
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