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Our mission statement
Our purpose here is to have fun! Comradery is what keeps us moving in this game. This is not an end game guild, a raiding guild, or even a PVP guild. Destiny is a relaxed alliance full of friends that makes WOW an enjoyable game once again. I've seen great guilds rise in numbers only to crumble because of dischord, stress, and rules. Goofiness is encouraged in guild chat, so let your inner nerd out to play!

Destiny aims to remain a laid back, fun guild!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will you get the help and assistance you need?
Yes!!! Although Destiny is not a hardcore-rule-oriented-stress-inducing guild we do run raids, instances, and assist with various needs of each one of our guild members.

Raids and Instances
Raids and Instances will be scheduled on the website calander. Anyone can add an event and/or join scheduled events via this calander. Everyone has different schedules which is why we have a calander. We will do our best to schedule raids and instances at various times so that members of all different schedules can be a part of them. However, once an event is scheduled either you can come or you can't. Its that simple!

We are here to help one another out. Please make your fellow guildies first choice when running an instance or doing quests. As GM I am here solely for the betterment of the guild. If there is at least a minimum of two guild members that need help with the same quest/instance/run send me a tell and I'll come running if I can!

The bank is there to generousley assist members with financial, material, or gear needs that they might have. Please visit the bank page to view rules and bank contents.

Each month we will have a different contest that usually results in a pretty cool prize! So keep checking the website for updates to find out what is going on!

Random acts of Weirdness
Every So Often we will play games in guild chat

Random Trivia
- Be the first to give the correct answer to useless trivia questions and get a gold! 1 piece of gold awarded for each correct answer until the game is over.

Drinking Gnome! - 21 and up ONLY!!! Grab your favorite drink and get ready to have some fun! Go about your daily business but watch out for the word Gnome in guild chat! Each time the word Gnome randomly comes up in GC you have to take a drink.

Stormwind Hide and Seek
Good luck hiding your long name tag in storm wind. The hunt is timed. The seeker will notify you that you've been caught by opening up a trade window with you. Once your secret hiding spot has been unfurled you'll have to join the team of seekers and rat your fellow destinians out! Those not found by the end of the game are the winners.

Scavanger Hunt A La Mode
Destinians will team up into groups. Each participant will be given a list of items or actions that can be relayed in guild chat that they must find or do before the time limit is up. The team with the most items wins!

So get ready to be FUN!!!

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