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We are a EQ2 raiding guild on Everfrost. Dominion is comprised of well experienced players who have raided hardcore 7 days a week at one point in the past but decided friendship along with talent is very important.
Our primary focus is to complete all game content as fast as possible while enjoying each others company.   
that was the idea.. not what it turned about to be. We thought being a leader of a guild after destroying another he would of learned his lesson... nope

thank you

UPDATE: Nov 12-2008 --- Lolz
we hit Thuuga because some new people needed the update. But, what people weren't hearing was lynch and Angel bitching all day long everyday, not taking any input and making it clear that it's their way or the highway.. well i already left what i wanted to do ingame so I was stuck and thats when all the bitching started... Gawd. regardless of his wife telling me she's sorry for Lynchs actions and what hes been saying, then for him to do it all over again?!? well, as much as it was my idea to put this together. it got over ran by a husband and wife team so i was on my way out and i gave them a big fuck you when doing it too. Grats lynch and angel, you now have your guild and you ruined what i was doing prior to it.

thanks for the boots :) .. like i needed them, infact im muting them and giving the mana out in 70 channel for free :)

So however way you want to make it look like Lynch i don't care because i don't pal around with people like you. you failed to tell the rest of the people in guild what you were doing behind the scenes.

UPDATE: Nov 11-2008
After our first night off we decided to hit Kor Sha / Over King to get some updates for some people. I must admit, after hearing the horror stories from some people i was a bit nervous even though I've cleared that zone a 100 times, 20 - 30 minutes tops in the past. Maybe there was something i was missing .. I honestly don't understand why anyone could not clear that zone. Once again i think we were more embarrassed that we had to kill him on the 2nd pull rather than the 1st. Then we head to Venril, It wouldn't be Dominion if some type of B.S. didn't happen to us, with the revamp of potions we didn't bother to check the level on ours that we have 1000's of sitting in guild bank.
Doh.. its cool, early night and had some fun. we'll wrap this up in the next week

UPDATE: Nov 9-2008
So now was the time to see if we can all work in sync, after a rough start that we can thank SOE, falling through the world for an hour or so is never fun, we went into Pawbuster. Since many of us have killed him a many different ways we decided to try a few versions and see what fit best for us. A few vets kicked in for the newbies and we now have Dominions way ... In the end, we all do it the same way but whats a line?!?:P 20 minute zone from here on out, tops!
Afterwards, we decided to show what Leviathan looked like but unfortunately we had some key classes leaving so of course the Dps got to measure E-peens :) for 10 minutes.
Fun stuff once again ... huh, did i hear Vp again? Yup, can get there in the next couple of days if we want but we decided to get a feel for each others playing style first.

UPDATE: Nov 8-2008
Meanwhile. down in the bat cave, we were able to get going today with what we had and hit Thuuga and PR to see how we do together. It was a little sloppy but we cleaned house fast and had some laughs. You know, the tank dropping from a 22k crit hit from a mob that hits for 2k?! Bereck with his long pulls, Lynch.. how about some Swipe here and there and Hecken "Umm, anyone got the timers for, umm whats the Mobs name... and how do you spell that?" WTG Heck, maybe if I would stop OC'ing my comp and saved the ACT config previous to the 80 reformats i've done in the past month or just log in instead of messing the website. I seemed to be obsessed with HTML and CSS these past few days that i formed a new addiction :P We grabbed 2 more Key people as well so the future looks bright.
Did someone say VP?


Check out our You Tube links below.. Some silly videos but it's still in testing phase
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