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Come one come all and welcome to the Holy Knights of the Zidaya website.

We are a family type guild with various goals but most important of all is just to have fun and enjoy the game with guildies. We are also a member of the NCG (Norrathian Council of Guilds).

 Here is a short rundown on what we want and expect from our members.

1) Most importantly HAVE FUN!! We love to joke around and enjoy all areas of gameplay. This includes but is not limited to grouping with members of our guild, helping with quests and epics, and having events for our members where we can just get together for experience or tradeskills.

2) We are looking for people that have a good sense of humor and want to help this guild grow and better itself everyday. People that are willing to help the lower levels gain experience so they too can be involved in higher level events such as raids and epics. We do not power level, we want people to be able to play their toons well.

3) Raids are voluntary as some members are interested in raids and some aren't, but we would like to find other players that have raid experience to help us expand our areas of gameplay. We are still working on all of the specifics at this time but with the help of our great guildies and others we hope to make this a memorable and happy experience for all.

4) If anyone would like to join us and see what all this guild has to offer in please apply to this website and an officer will contact you.  Who knows? We may have what you are looking for in a guild!

Once again thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy our site!
The Knights


Greatings KNIGHTS!!!!

537207814_Inactive, Sep 5, 07 12:00 PM.
     I am happy to be back.  After 10 months of solitude*moved to sweden* my comp has decided to just start working.  I am back in game and have seen some new changes to guild and members. A big GRATZ to maip ( lord help us ) our new guild leader, and Quincey co-leader. =-)  I am suprised so much has changed since I have been forced my lengthy absence.  I am faithfull Maip and Q can do the job and ofcourse take us places we have never been before.  *EPICS* lol. 

     Well I do hope to see more of the old and new guildys in the days ahead.  For all the old knights that still visit this site,  keep an eye out Guandle is finnally leveling and makeing attempts at raids in NCG.  

     Once again gratzer to my long time groupmates Maip and Q.  

                                                         Guandle   A.K.A. Tough Guy on Horse

Mahlei's Curse Takes more victims than ever before!

537152775_Inactive, Mar 31, 07 8:19 AM.
This past Friday night, Jinrin, Lanitrue, and Mahlei went to Uqua with Sunday Night Smishing and we all got a piece of our key to get flagged to Qvic. I know this looks like a Sleepover hosted by SNS, but don't let your eyes fool you! IT is ACTUALLY the MASS SLAUGHTER hosted and delivered by none other than the MASSIVE MAHLEI'S CURSE! BEWARE AND BE VERY AFRAID..ROFL

1st annual Sun-Mart FLW Holy Knights of the Zidaya Fishathalon!

537152775_Inactive, Mar 5, 07 9:03 AM.
This upcoming saturday will mark the occasion of the 1st annual Sun-Mart FLW Holy Knights of the Zidaya Fishathalon!

This will be a fishing contest, a bake-off, and a storytelling competition all in one! GRand prize is 5k for the winner of the fishing and baking part, the storytelling part is optional and has its own prize.

The rules are simple.

1. There is a level cap. This contest is to help get our lower lvl toons  involved in the guild and help them not feel left out. The contest is open to toons lvl 50 and below.

2. Fishing supplies, bait, and tradeskill supplies will be supplied by myself and Lanitrue.

Heres how it works. Starting at 8pm eastern next Sat, contestants will have ONE HOUR to catch as many fish as they can in COBALT SCAR. Transportation to and from the zone will be provided for those unable to transport themselves there. At the end of the hour the contestants will hand in the fish they have caught and the results will be tallied up. The prize for this has yet to be determined, i'll post what it is as soon as we figure out what it will us tho, it will be something very usefull.

The next part will be the 1st annual Holy Knights Platinum Chef competition.....we will supply the contestants each with the same amount of fresh fish and other tradeskill ingredients, and supply them with a very simple, low triv recipe. The person to make the most successfull combines wins the prize. The low triv makes sure that having a high baking skill wont matter.

The last part and hopefully the most fun part will be the Fish Tale competition. Basically, the person that tells the most convincing OR the most far fetched tale (doesnt have to be fishing, can be about anything) to the guild will win a prize. I will be refraining from all parts of the competition as I will be judging.

Thats the basic idea of the contest. ANY suggestions will be more than welcome, and as I said more details about prizes and such will be forthcoming. We really hope to see as many folks there as possible, as it should be a lot of fun. See  you on the beach!

Mahlei and Lanitrue Solo Laef!

537152775_Inactive, Mar 4, 07 7:02 AM.
Lani and Mahlei went to Bastion of Thunder and completed both of their keys to the Baston of Thunder Tower!!!!!!! We soloed and took down Laef and we didn't die!!!!!! We had about 4 adds on us and considered running and then refused to run! We figured that if we ran, we were sure to die, so we decided to stick to our guns and to go out in a bang! To our surprise...Laef was the victim of the BANG and not Mahlei and Lanitrue!

We Rocked Bastion of Thunder!

Way to go Mahlei and Lanitrue!

HKoTZ Take on Plane of Fear!

537152775_Inactive, Feb 26, 07 9:15 AM.
A group of knights broke into the Plane of Fear and took down the Wraith of the Shissar for Az's chantie epic piece. We would of taking on the golems to, but another player came and killed them before we could get to them or we would of toasted them! We also took out the bst epic mob also. Lani has that drop on her, so if anyone needs it, I believe that it can be MQed...let me know ok .


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