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It's Moving Day
Nov 12, 08 7:09 PM
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Welcome to Free Candy!

You know you've always been curious about the claims of Free Candy.  Sure, the van looks a little creepy, but Free Candy is Good Candy, right?

As of now, we are a small group, but if you play regularly from 7pm- 11pm EST you would never know it. We are a goofy bunch, having fun and enjoying all that Vanguard has to offer.

Confessed alt-o-holics, we have toons that run from lvl 10 to lvl 50, some crafters, and even a diplomat in our mix. While we are pretty casual in our play, we are adventurers first, willing to relive Hunters League (again!) or explore a lesser known dungeon just because itsounds fun.

You'll often find us pushing the limits of what a group can do. Hey what's over here? What happens when we open this door? What's the worst that can happen? You will learn to love the fun of asking these questions, and have screen shots of the epic wipes to show for your efforts.

If you are looking for a group that likes to go out and kill stuff, roam into places that we have no business in, and laugh the whole time doing it, we are that kind of group.

It really comes down to one question.."So, Timmy.. do you like gladiator movies?" If so, take the candy and get in the Van. You won't regret it.


It's Moving Day

Sped99, Nov 12, 08 7:09 PM.
 It's Moving Day!
We've finally decided to pull up stakes. It's a little hectic around here but, we're all really excited about the new digs. It'll probably be a few days before we get unpacked and decide who gets which bunk ( quiet down, Timmy) but I for one think we've moved up! The new site has a lot more bells and whistles than the last one but half the fun of new toys is trying to figure out how they work! We should be up and cooking shortly with plenty of room at the table for everyone. If you're just stopping in for a visit and have any questions like "Hey, got any more room in The Van for me?", then drop one of us a line. We'll be happy to get back to ya and talk about it.  -Sped
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