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Sad News
Dec 10, 08 5:42 PM
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The Watchers Alliance

Born at the beginning, this group of like minded individuals defends the lands against the encroachment of the Evils that would wipe away the cultures and history of the civilized races.

(The Watchers Alliance (Doomhammer) A Watchers Alliance (Elune) and Watchers Alliance (Scarlet Crusade) is a small family and friends Alliance guild born at in Beta. Not too many are still around, but the memory lives on. Sister guild to The Horde Watchers (Horde side). The site is still monitered daily, so if you need anything please feel free to ask.)

((As folks playing a game, we wish to enjoy the game itself. Its all about having fun and enjoying the company of one another. A lot of us are real life friends, others are friends we have met online.

We are not opposed to new members, but we are select that we like folks who are casual, and want to play the game for fun. We do like to RP sometime, though its not a requirement. We do RvR a bit here and there, but don’t make it a second job. Its all about entertainment and meeting like folks. Also, as characters and people grow, we understand that some may seek other things.

We encourage all to seek their path in the manner that will give them the most enjoyment, if you wish to leave the guild to seek bigger and better things, you can do so without hard feelings.

We only have a few rules, and they are here.

#1        Enjoy playing the game, if you are stressed or not having fun, it becomes a job instead of leisure.

#2        Be mindful that you represent not only yourself, but the guild as a whole while you wear the guild name. Obey the ToS and please, if there is an 
            argument or disagreement, handle it quietly. Everyone has a part in this, and we want to keep a good name.

#3        Please be considerate to others, try not to use harsh language too much in the guild chat, as we do have one or two mature younger folks playing. Yes 
            they know the words are bad, but hey.. I am 40 years old and some of those words still make me wince.

#4        Have Fun!!

#5        See #4

#6        We have casual loot rules.. Basically.. Need before greed, if its an upgrade for the class you are currently playing, please feel free to roll Need on such an 
            item, even if you have to grow into it.. but use your better judgment, if someone can use the item right away, it might be nice to defer to that 

             If it’s a trade skill component, such as for salvaging (Not counting magical equipment, just the raw salvaging items) or cultivating, and that character you 
            are playing has that gathering skill, please feel free to roll need for those items. Always roll Greed on anything, if no one needs it, it is easier to let the 
            game distribute it that way.

            There is no DKP system here, if you win it.. Congrats. Yes I know there are blue and purple items out there, maybe even some orange ones.. I have seen 
            orange loot bags.. wow.. nifty stuff, but these are just basic rules.

#7        If you have any personal problems with folks, please be kind and discuss it in tells, if that doesn’t work out, come to one of the officers.

#8        Again, Just have FUN!!)) 

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Sad News

roguedm, Dec 10, 08 5:42 PM.
Due to the current flow of money and the problems with the economy. Miles and I have made the decision to cancel our luxery items such as online pay to play, ventrilo server and other things. Our Warhammer subscriptions do not run out til April, and our DDO subscriptions dont run out til March. But Ventrilo will cease operating as of Jan :) Its hard to do, but the money is gonna be put into savings so that we can possibly ride out a strike if it happens in August.
Hugs to you all, we will try to keep in touch via email and by phone, and in game if we can til the subscriptions run out..
Michelle and Miles
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