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Welcome to Immortalis Exercitus Webpage!

Welcome friend!

Your visiting an Warhammer Guild that is on European server called Eltharion.
This guild was founded by Lynn and Ghoo long time ago... it all started when we were looking members for the guild and Lynn spotted Ghoo and his crew so we decided to combine our guilds into 1 big guild called <Immortalis Exercitus> which was selected through votes of both crews.  < Immortalis Exercitus > means Immortal Army in latin language.
Ghoo and his crew were from the game World Of Warcraft and Lynn and his Crew were from Dark Age of Camelot.
Few months ago we lost allot of members, we lost Ghoo and his crew they all suddenly stopped playing war or switched server/alt... we are not sure were they went, people start dropping out and we began losing people reason like stop playing game, sabotage etc. We didn't even get to pick our heraldry our guild heraldry is randomly picked by bug from game.
Anyway here we are still standing stronger then before even thought we lost most of our members we turned the page and start all over again.
Today we are over 100+ members in guild.
Our guild is an family/pvp guild and trying to keep much stuff inside our guild and alliance.
We have two mottos: " If its red its dead " and "Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way ". Target is the forces of Order, we going to do everything in our power to make chaos for them.
Now Join The Immortal Army now to defeat the forces of order!

Guild Rank Changed "New Rank"

Thugishangel, Dec 20, 08 7:54 AM.
The new rank posted is Warlord look in guild ranks for more info.


Thugishangel, Dec 19, 08 12:30 PM.

check it out before you sign yourself up... you break the rules will be hard or impossible to get back in guild depending on which rules you skip to follow.


Thugishangel, Dec 15, 08 6:36 PM.
We change alot things but yet everything not finished, more and more requirements will be set as time goes by.

Today we have changed our guild rules, added guild guidelines we have changed guild rank rules, added links to everyone in our alliance we also added links to wardb & curse.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Thugishangel, Nov 14, 08 7:09 AM.
Web Site Live on GuildPortal! Lets show our enemys how we do it!
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Guild Rank Changed "New Rank"
Dec 20, 08 7:54 AM
Dec 19, 08 12:30 PM
Dec 15, 08 6:36 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Nov 14, 08 7:09 AM
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