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Death Watch
Helping Guildies
Nov 15, 08 11:49 PM
Welcome to the Death Watch site!

We are a group bent on destroying the Mandalorians. They have been, and always will be our enemys. After waring them they pulled out becasue of a small housing Issue but we plan on getting them back in the war! Our Overlord (Craysom) has lead us into Victory many times, but the key is our team work. Fighting even when were out numbered we can provail with the strength of our soldiers.

When there is war, we shall fight. When there is chaos, we shall provide security. When there is darkness, we shall provide light. When there is corruption, we provide harmony.

Helping Guildies

540036685_Inactive, Nov 15, 08 11:49 PM.
Currently some members are equiped and/or low leveled. If you could spare some time to give them hints/tips or even help them to level or get gear it would help the guild and in the end reward us all!
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