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Welcome to the From the Ashes guild website!

"From the Ashes" is a World of Warcraft guild on The Scryers realm that was created by a close knit group of friends to act as a home for us in Azeroth. If you're reading this, chances are you know this information already.

In case you don't we have four very simple rules.

1. No drama.
2. Absolutely no drama.
3. Seriously, check your drama at the door.
4. DBD*, Please see rules 1-3

*DBD = Don't Be Dumb

A Note on Guild Chat

Guild chat is at a minimum rated "R".

Welcome, and we hope you'll enjoy your stay!
Other Guild News

Armory Roster

siancas, Nov 16, 08 12:27 PM.
The Armory hasn't quite picked up all the guild changes this week yet, so our guild is not listed. Although a search of players will show their membership to From the Ashes. Once the guild is fully listed in the Armory, I'll link our Roster to it.


All Systems Are Go!

siancas, Nov 16, 08 7:57 AM.
From the Ashes is formed on 11-15-08! Thanks to you all!
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