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New Look?
Nov 23, 08 2:35 PM
So I broke down and did it
Nov 18, 08 1:43 PM
Website Graphics
Nov 17, 08 6:07 PM
Web Site Live!
Nov 16, 08 11:51 AM
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Greetings, and welcome to the Brothers in Battle guildportal site!

Brothers in Battle is a CoH supergroup on Guardian, founded by the brothers Hellreike and Corzak.  The group is currently small, but is recruiting, primarily in-game.  The focus of the group is fun, as there are no Prestige earning requirements and promotions are based on trust.  The supergroup base currently has eight teleporters, a medical bay and all storage. 

Brothers in Battle is also interested in forming coalitions with other smaller supergroups.  If your Guardian SG is looking to form coalitions, send Corzak a mail, or contact him ingame via @Corzak.

New Look?

Corzak, Nov 23, 08 2:35 PM.
Well, Hellreike and I did some brainstorming and got together on some ideas for the site.  There are still a few things I'd like to do with this setup, but it's boring stuff that I'll do when, well, I'm bored. 

For now, this is what it is. . . black with chains and stuff.  Kinda S&M, but we DO play CoH, you know.  Enjoy!


So I broke down and did it

Corzak, Nov 18, 08 1:43 PM.
We've now got a subscription site here on Guildportal, which removed all the ads and let's us host images.  That's really handy because we can put our banner and any custom web graphics on Guildportal's site, instead of trying to find some other place to host them.  As you can see, we've got a new banner (the art is original and done by our very own Hellreike) and some customized box thingies around all our content.  Hurray! 

Website Graphics

Corzak, Nov 17, 08 6:07 PM.
Well, Hellreike's been working on some art for the site, and I'm considering forking over the $30/6 month subscription fee so we can host our own images.  How does everyone like the colors and layout and stuff?  Good enough for ya'll?  I've got some ideas for it if I do decide to do the upgrade that should make it look alot nicer.  If you've got any relevant thoughts on page design, let me know.


Web Site Live!

Corzak, Nov 16, 08 11:51 AM.
Guess this is the first news post here.  The site is up and running, mostly, and in the near future I intend to add a good deal more content, and possibly some customizing for us.  I guess my next move is to come up with a decent logo.  Wish me luck, heh, I'll need it.

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