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Server: Ironfist
Realm: Order
Current Guild Rank: 8
Avg rank of main characters: 24
Recruiting: All classes rank 15-30
Member Count: 12

Ventrilo Info: Port: 5164

Chronology is a small guild with leadership that is calm, responsible and listens to the membership. Our members all carry their own weight, enjoy grouping up as often as possible and all have a good time while doing it. We run all forms of the game, PvE and RvR based, and we are looking for more players out there who are looking for a guild with a playerbase that is fun, mature and responsible.

We may not be a large guild, but what we lack in numbers we make up for in selectivity of membership. We're a quality guild that screens its applications and removes members if they aren't a good fit with the guild. It should also be noted that we're not a hardcore guild intent on dominating the server. We don't care how good you are at your class at this moment. We're only selective based on who you are, not your knowledge of the game. If you're responsible, fun and willing to listen and learn, we will be happy to have you join the team and play alongside us.

Key Values of Chronology:

Quality over Quantity: A small coordinated group of responsible players is much more fun than zerging content with people who can't or won't listen or work together.

Comradery over Drama: The game should be fun and remain fun. Nobody raises their voice in ventrilo and all players show respect to each other. Chat is either productive or light, never whining, complaining or flaming. We don't respond to trolling, and Chronology members always show respect to all players in the game.

Real Life Comes First: We're all adults. We all have jobs, college classes or families and they come before slaying digital monsters. All members may take leaves of absence and remain in the guild as long as they give notice. For long term absences, they may be removed in game, however remain members in the guild.

Committed Responsible Players: Our members keep up on our forums, are always in vent when in game and communicate with each other in an effort to share information, stay updated with the game and getting to know each other.

Family: The guild is a group of friends, not just some random people you play with to get loot and XP.

Getting Others Involved: Chronology regularly opens it's ventrilo server to the public and often requires the public to join their server to join up with raids. This gets people involved on a whole new level and also keeps the party from wiping out.

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