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Welcome to The Mithril Guard of Landroval Server

The Mithril Guard

 The Mithril Guard once were the escorts of Mithril shipments between the Seven Realms of the Dwarves.  They were a symbol of safety and prosperity for the Khazad.  They eventually grew into the wardens of the roads linking the Dwarf-holds in Middle-Earth.  As the dwarven golden age sadly dwindled, so did the Mithril Guard.

 Lately, with the reclaiming of the Lonely Mountain and the re-opening of the Gates of Moria, hope has rekindled in the hearts of dwarves who would see the return of dwarven glory.  Some would even see the reinstatement of the Mithril Guard to safeguard the thoroughfares between the dwarf-holds and their outposts…  Dwarves and other like-minded Free People are joining in.  The tabard of the Mithril Guard is seen more and more on the roads of Eriador escorting travellers and caravans.

 Join our efforts to make Middle-Earth a safer place to travel in…


D-day has been announced

Hairystef, May 27, 10 8:00 AM.
The Axes of the Dwarves war will formally kick-off Saturday June 20th! The first night of the campaign will run from 10 pm EST to 2 am EST. We anticipate the event window will be the same each night of the campaign.

We chose this date and time:

- to give our dwarves a little more needed time to level up
- because it was the first weekend after high schools let out for the summer (for parents and those who are themselves high schoolers still)
- even though the 20th of June is also Father's Day, we think a 10 pm start should not interfere with honoring our parent that day

The top of this thread explains the first task of the Dwarven Army, which is to spend an entire night occupying dwarf camp.

We will make further announcements closer to the event to make sure everyone knows, but we wanted to do a "save the date" announcement in this main thread.

Dwarves on the move

Hairystef, Apr 11, 10 8:12 AM.
Following the Frosthammers' request for aid ( the dwarvs of Eriador assemble.  A show of commitment was given in Bree.  The Mithril Guard and the Glory of the Longbeards were there...


Council for Mirkwood

Hairystef, Nov 22, 09 7:47 AM.
A council was called within Rivendell Valley, by Men and Elves.  Of course we showed up to make our voices heard.  As any time Elves and Men are present, there was a lot of bickering, but all in all we showed of what metal dwarves axes were made of and the Elves seemed pleased to have our shields to cover their bows.


For the Glory of the Longbeards

Hairystef, Jul 20, 09 8:19 PM.
Went to Sarnur to teach the Dourhands a lesson... It'll take them a while to get over the damage we wrought!


MG Barracks (Kinhouse)

Hairystef, Jun 4, 09 5:29 PM.

The Mithril Guard Barracks are finally presentable.  The courtyard reflects the ancient origin of the Guards, the unit having fallen to ruin as the stone structures in the yard have, but the Mithril Guard stands up again.  Bronzes of commanders and heroes of old welcome the visitors, testaments to past glories which are meant to inspire new Guardsmen.  Come and see our fortress on the hill for yourself...

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