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In the Roster page, you will find a lot of information about the characters that are part of Union Supreme.  Players are allowed to have alts in the Union, but those alts can not rise above the Reservist (lowest) rank.  Characters with   badge are the alternate toon for that player in Union Supreme.
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Guild Roster
Character NameGP UserSecLvlOriginArchetypeG.Handle
Amazing Trixie  Retroactive Girl27Magic Controller@Retro-Active 
Animorph Animorph.42Mutant Blaster@Animorph 
Arcanist Ica   _toxa_50 (+3)Magic Defender@Toxa 
Blood-Eagle   Blood-Eagle30Mutant Blaster@CentralNexus 
Captain MidnightCaptain Midnight31Natural Scrapper@Captain Midnight 
Champion Woman     Champion X50Mutant Brute@Champion X 
Close CallNight Wonder     
Egalitarian  The Egalitarian50Magic Tanker@Mister V 
Emerald ProtectorShade.Spawn26Mutant MasterMind@Kristin Masters 
Gods Speed Night Wonder50Mutant Blaster@Voila 
God-Speed  Gods Speed50Magic Defender@boothooligan 
Gravijah benaveil50Magic Defender@Benaveil 
Great MandalinClu50525Magic Dominator@Screaming Patriot 
Heliodromus  Kid Atomic42Magic Scrapper@KidA 
Hero ParagonHero Paragon50Science Tanker@fourth 
Invictar coreth32Technology Blaster@Coreth 
Miss NightfallSpace Paladin50Natural Scrapper@Space Cowl 
Moonlight Owl Psi Fusion37Natural Scrapper@Global Champion 
Ms. Impossible _toxa_50Science Defender@Toxa 
Mystic MaskNight Wonder25Magic Defender@Voila 
Night Wonder  Night Wonder50Natural Scrapper@Voila 
North Shield  North-Shield50 (+3)Mutant Tanker@Tocasia 
Old Ranger           coreth50 (+2)Natural Blaster@Coreth 
Paradox Theory SandruuTandy28Magic Controller@Tever 
Paradox TheorySandruuTandy30Magic Controller@Tever 
Raven Moonshadow       Useless Fiend50 (+1)Science Warshade@Useless Fiend 
RedbirdKid Atomic20Natural Stalker@Gaia1 
Sensui Yamora Sensui Yamora42Mutant MasterMind@KristinMasters 
Shining Centurion   Gods Speed50Science Peacebringer@boothooligan 
Silk ProwlerNight Wonder20Natural Scrapper@Voila 
Solairis    LastSolarian50 (+1)Natural Tanker@Neo Sol 
Space Paladin  Space Paladin50Natural Peacebringer@Space Cowl 
Speed TitanGate Wanderer20Technology Scrapper@Photon Defender 
Storm MaidenStorm Maiden27Mutant Defender@Ebon Phantasy 
Streetlight  Mauve Arrow40Mutant Blaster@Mauve Arrow 
Turbohawk  Captain Midnight47Mutant Blaster@Captain Midnight 
ValoretteChampion X27Mutant Corrupter@Champion X 
Web CrawlerNight Wonder28Natural Scrapper@Voila 
Winter Tornadocoreth50 (+3)Magic Defender@Coreth 

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