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The Union Foundation
Brought together by a threat to world unity and world diversity, the Union Supreme was formed under a joint charter of the United Nations and the United States of America, by a group of heroes with a wealth of experience from other teams. They've been joined by many new heroes representing diverse countries and world (and extra-world) views. See "Birth of the Union."

The Instigators
  • Solairis
  • Liberty Rose
  • Gods-Speed
  • Shadespawn
  • the Egalitarian

  • Steel Brigade
  • Emerald-Sentinel
  • Winter Tornado

HQ and Home
Union Plaza, formerly known as Astoria Plaza, is located on a small islet southeast of Talos Isand in Paragon City. The Plaza was given its new name with the coming of the group Union Supreme for use as its base of operations.

For greater detail, go to The Union Supreme Plaza info page.

Parker Tower serves two purposes, the first is to offer residential housing to the members and support staff of Union Supreme. The membership who took advantage of this are not in a single area in the building, but spread throughout. The other purpose is to provide housing for the newly growing population of Talos Island. A significant amount of units remain empty, in part because the units have not been purchased as of yet, and in part because some units have been utilized for the defensive systems of the building.

Amenities included in the tower include a daycare center, an Olympic-sized swimming pool (as well as associated “kiddy pools”), a senior center, and a fitness center. These are available to the residents of the Tower free of charge.

Martin Hall is in part museum of the history of the Union Supreme; The Union holds the occasional press conference in this building, with rooms set aside and wired for easy media access.

Martin Hall also retains some of its consumerist past, as the Union welcomed back some commercial chains to serve the residents of Parker Tower-including Mighty Mart.

In addition to the businesses, the Hall also is the home to a number of charitable organizations-something the members of the Union guaranteed when renovating the Hall.

Kent Building is the highly advanced, official headquarters of the Union Supreme.  High technology is not the only attractive feature of the Kent Building to the heroes. The three buildings are aligned with a mystical ley line, giving wielders of magical energy increased strength-if they can tap into it. Magical laboratories and libraries of tomes are available to the more mystically inclined members of the Union.
HQ Layout

  1. Entrance
  2. Control Room
  3. Power Room
  4. Workshop
  5. Teleporters
  6. Hangar
  7. Arboretum/Indoor Park
  8. Mystical Library
  9. Medical Wing
  10. Prisoner Containment
  11. Training Room
  12. Lounge/Meeting room
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