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Other Guild News

A new start

Slehiac, Jul 28, 09 3:32 AM.

So many of you will have been spoken to about the recent move we've made to Burning Blade and our raid plans for the new content. But just incase you missed it, well now you know!
For those of you who are visiting this website for the first time then let me tell you a little bit about us, we was a very successful raiding guild on The Venture Co. (RP-PVP) realm. We was clearing everthing week in week out (apart from algalon) and now most of the officers and myself and some of the hardcore raiders are either here on Burning Blade now or are their way over. So, we will be expanding our player base and the following classes are what we need, if your interested then apply.

Warriors - 2 (1 tank 1 dps)
Paladins - 3 (1 DPS 1 Prot and 1 Holy)
Druid - 2 (1 resto and 1 boomkin)
Priest - 2 (holy)
Deathknights - 1 (tank)
Shaman - 1 (enchancement)

And thats it for now, stay tuned folks.
For old TGF members, log in on your account on here to see the new vent details which will be in a window on the bottom right.
Peace out!

Ulduar 10 Clear

Scottejaye, Apr 23, 09 7:16 AM.

10 Man Ulduar now clear. GJ guys.

Website Changes

Slehiac, Apr 15, 09 6:43 AM.
Over the next few days I'm going to be messing around with the website to try to make it look spinky and clean. So things might be appearing and disappearing.

Amongst the changes I've made are:

  • Vent info to all pages.
  • Website Polls.
  • Hit Counters.
  • Activity Monitors (officers only)
  • Idle Member Killer (After 15 days of inactivity you will receive a mail asking you to login to show you still want your accounts. After 30 days your account will be deleted.)
  • New Recruitment Page (It's there but still being worked on)
  • New Officer Page (There but being worked on)
  • Minor navigation change.

I'll be doing a few more things soon :] Get voting! :P

Updated Guild Status And Recruitment

Scottejaye, Apr 4, 09 7:30 AM.
Greetings Goodfellas and random users...
Since the last news update we have of course downed sarth10man3drakes. So all content is done, now just awaiting Ulduar.

We are still looking for a few different classes to join our squad, see the recruitment forums for exactly what we need.

I would like to join The Goodfellas but would like to speak to a class leader who do i /w in game??

Druids - Ivor
Paladins - Androme
Warriors - Whuzz
Priest - Rayfox
Rogue - Haghala
Shaman - Miruna
Mage - Ruthie
DK's - Mcdeathly
Hunters - Puutarhuri
Warlocks - Dagfinner

Speak to any of these for any questions you may have.

The Goodfellas Recruiting

Scottejaye, Feb 12, 09 9:33 AM.
We are looking for a few classes to join our squad.

We are looking to expand upon the player base we currently have, please find your way to our recruitment forums to see exactly what we need. Or feel free to contact the class leader of your class for more information. Here is who you need:

Druids and warlocks - Ivor
Paladins - Slehiac / Androme
Warrior -Whuzy
Priest - Yavrum
Rogue - Haghala
Shaman - Bockmannen
Mage - Ruthie
Dk's - Linea
Hunters - Puutarhuri

Sartharion with company!

Scottejaye, Feb 4, 09 4:47 PM.
Well, you know it, we know it, now the server knows it!
Sartharion with 3drakes at our feet good job to everyone in the raid, another hurdle jumped. Now bring on THE HARD CONTENT!

Sartharion Once Again in 2D

Slehiac, Jan 16, 09 1:16 AM.
We've now spanked the monkey with two drakes up. Proved incredibly easy for us so hopefully three drakes will go just as smoothly...


Scottejaye, Jan 9, 09 1:24 AM.
Well, we have downed sartharion with 1 drake up so GJ to all those who attended.
After a few tries at it with 3 drakes last night everyone knows the fight so it goes down this reset!

Christmas cleared!

Slehiac, Dec 25, 08 1:20 PM.
After an entire day of wiping... the dribble from our mouths we've finally finished christmas! yey!

Merry Christmas to you all and good luck with the loot drops of life next year.

All content CLEARED!

Slehiac, Dec 22, 08 3:20 AM.
YEY! So we have finally managed to get Malygos down and we're now venturing slowly into the world of PVP while not raiding.

Great job to all involved in last nights kill and lets officially get farming gear!

Heroic Content All NEARLY Clear

Scottejaye, Dec 18, 08 3:10 PM.
Yep, so.....
KT down now on 25man, aswell as doing sartharion and wintersgrasp tonight. Just malygos to go, will go down this week. Got him to phase 3 a couple of times very smoothly people just need to read up on the drakes and he is ours. GJ to everyone who attended the KT kill!

Read all about it

Scottejaye, Dec 18, 08 1:02 AM.
Morning, afternoon or evening depending when your reading this!
With all 4 wings down and sapp on heroic now its only KT left. We all know what we have to do, down him then go wtfpwn malygos and thats all 25man content on farm for us. Which is really fast progress considering its only been 1 reset and a bit.
A big thanks to haghala and Bock for sorting out the DKP system which seemed to work brilliantly and updated fast in wednesday's raid. Will update once KT is down!

Updated raid progress

Scottejaye, Dec 16, 08 5:49 AM.
Hey all,

So even more success has been going on recently.
First off a big welcome to all the serious business guys, nice to have you on board. And it appears our ability to raid together has turned out pretty fantastic. In 2 nights together we have cleared 3 wings, just 1 left now so lets get it done guys.
Also sartharion down on heroic too.
Lets keep up the good work.

Also slehiac is a noob :S

Even More Raid Progress

Slehiac, Dec 10, 08 2:16 AM.
On the 8th of December 2008 at approximately 20:30 GMT Malygos finally ate his last void spark and gave up the ghost.

After a full night of attempts then coming back refreshed we managed to kill him on our first attempt. Great job to all who were in the raid.

So that's it, all the 10man content has now been cleared and is on farm status for us. 
So on to the 25man raid content we go and with that we will start a recruitment drive. If your reading this and your not in the guild what the hell're you waiting for?

What're we looking for?

The Goodfellas Has a New Address!

System, Dec 9, 08 5:01 PM.
The Goodfellas has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Raid Progress and Some News?

Slehiac, Nov 29, 08 12:28 PM.
We've been busy!

That's right, we've cleared Naxx twice on normal since my last post plus Arch.

Since the guild was formed it took us two days to clear Naxx, yet another record we like to hold :P (Karazhan in two days on our last guild appearance).

Now the news: I'm ret again! yey!

But seriously: A huge congratulations to Ivor for the great and special news that he is actually 12 weeks pregnant with his second Gremlin.
Please please please whisper Ivor in game to congratulate him and, if your feeling cheeky,  ask him for free gold.

That's all for now!

Raid Progress

Slehiac, Nov 23, 08 7:05 AM.
Well after another successful raid we've managed to topple Gluth, Grobbulus and Satharion.

Great job to all present and we'll gradually be taking Satharion down with more adds up every reset.

Check the forums for our total raid progress (which'll be on there soon)


Ps. 2 handed haste sword healing paladins are the best!

New Guild Website

Slehiac, Nov 23, 08 6:59 AM.

That's right! I didn't get off my ass and make a website but here's one for free ;p

So I'll gradually have this setup over the next week or something, cause wow takes too much time :P
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