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Playlist open!
Dec 8, 09 4:09 PM
Just for Azzy!
Nov 10, 09 1:02 PM
Story News (Edited)
Oct 24, 09 4:01 PM
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Welcome to the world of the 13 Lords!

Originally this was to be only a story collection site but We've been adding more stuff to it as Welearn more about what We can and can't do. 

To prevent theft of any member's work, We ask that you join the site.


Playlist open!

Cerberus14, Dec 8, 09 4:09 PM.
We added the playlist with Frostymm's help and are now taking requests for songs to add if we can.

Also updates to the stories will be restarted shortly.

Edit: There is now a links page that has games and comics frequently visited by members. Just send a request in with the link or post it in the forums.

Just for Azzy!

Cerberus14, Nov 10, 09 1:02 PM.
There is  a new story up in the story section under Random Words. It's a short story I came up with for Dark that will connect to 13 Lords later on. The original idea came from him and I simply wrote a 13 lords crossover version.


Story News (Edited)

Cerberus14, Oct 24, 09 4:01 PM.
New chapters uploaded putting the total amount of chapters for 13 Lords to 35. These will be uploaded throughout the week to make up for the past few weeks.
Slight revisation to a few of the first chapters.
I'll be uploading a second story called Experimental Phases sometime soon.

Actually to make up for me getting grounded not long after writing this it will be Chapter 36 by the end of this week. And Experimental Phases has been picked up again so expect to see a few chapters some time soon.
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