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Eternal Paramour
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                              Welcome Everyone!
We are very happy to have you stop in and visit our guild web page. I do hope you take the time to look through this site to see if EP is the right guild for you. If not then maybe you'll find a few laughs along the way of discovery.

We are not a hard core raiding guild first and foremost. I personally believe you tend to lose the feel of the game after awhile that way. All that seems to matter is how Fabled you are and that's NOT what EQ2 is all about! Yeah sure, it's nice to have great gear and all what cost? Constant raid schedules tend to make the game more of a workplace than a place to get away from it all and enjoy the company of friendships you may form with other players and the feeling of accomplishment when you finish a long grueling quest out in the battle field.
 No, I don't mean never raid....just don't forget about what really matters here....
 We may at one time begin to raid here and there when enough players are online and are willing to do so but it will never be a required activity in this guild. You don't want to, you don't have to and you won't be pressured into it or made to feel lesser or worthless if you don't.
 This would be more of a goal to just be able to pull it off and grab a few good items now and then rather than a constant burden repatatively running those zones over and over losing sight of everything else the game has to offer.


 As for what type of guild we ARE....

 We strive on helping others!! GOAL ONE! That's the backbone of what we do here. The more that get the help they need, the more that can help others, the more we can all accomplish together! Give and take.... Doesn't matter if it's a low lvl Heritage Quest or the hardest one out there! We are here to help! All we ask is that when you can, if you can, please return the favor. I do not want to see this guild turn into a guild of 1 solid group in end game and "just a buncha noobs that don't know anything". Not here!

 If you need a hand pls ASK....if we can't get it right away, we will as soon as we can. I don't care if it's just a question on how to load a ui or a question on a waypoint for an update you need on a quest or needing a group to take out a named you need...Just ask!

 Seems over the years way too many people have forgotten that they once didn't know or couldn't do solo either! Heads swelled and they got what I call "Uber Ego Fever". Get over it's a game....When you can kill a Dragon in real life by calling forth the dead and loot an item you can sell for millions of dollars...then call me, otherwise...MY GOD!

 Ok, now that I've likely made a few enemies on that last statement I should tell you, I am only saying I feel is necessary and important to get out up front.

 And noob calling! Pet peave of mine....anyone that calls someone else a noob needs to remember they once were too...Besides, it's kinda taken on more of a meaning than just someone that doesnt know. It's become more of a degrading remark to someone, a way to tell them they are worthless and below you. You ask me, you tell that to someone and you just sank to the lowest low there is in online gaming. A person like that is not wanted here.

 We TRY to be funny and I think we do a pretty good job of that. OFC it's when we aren't trying that we seem to be laughing all the time. This is all about helping people learn and grow and having fun doing it!

 We are trying to organize runs for HQs and running instance zones for people that need...usually isnt too hard to pull those off. We like to hold writ contests to see who can crank out the most in one day's time. That can get competetive. lol Never thought I'd hear people taunt each other over the crafting tables but hey, it was pretty amusing so well worth it!

 Plz consider joining us if you are descent person looking for a place to get help learning the ropes. If you are a person that likes to help out and get in some good laughs or even if you are an experienced person that wants to hit up instances, we pretty much cover everything short of full time raiding. The raiding itself is still a bit away from us as we are still early on in this guild and trying to get our numbers up but we will get there. Depends on how many people are willing to give us a shot....

 We have some GREAT people here...a really nice environment and we want to share that with others!

 If once you finish looking things over and are interested in trying us out, plz fill our the short application and we'll get back to you asap!

Also, if you are already a member I would like to say THANK YOU! You are all excellent guildies and I am honored to have you here! Tiavesi and I appreciate you all so much!

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