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Dec 13, 08 9:39 AM
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Nov 25, 08 5:10 PM
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 <Frozen Heart> is now recruiting all classes, we have some requirements for each class to have. First off here is what we are building up to raid at this moment. Citidel of Anguish is what we will start off with, working up, while also raiding various places such as Bloodmoon Keep and Theatre of Blood, to prepare and gear up for the harder raids. We will raid higher stuff when the guild gets built up!!

+Class Requirements+
 Clerics - Spell Casting Subtlety 3, Healing Adept 2 or 3, Healing Gift 2, Gift of Mana, and Healing boon 2.
 Enchanters - Mass Group Buffs (MGB), Dire Charm 1, Permanent illusion 1, Subtlety Master 1, Gather mana 1, Quick Buff 1, Mental Clarity 3, Expansive mind 2, and Innate Enlightment 2. Enchanter class leader is Qlainx!

 Monks - Combat Fury 3, Imitate Death 1, Innate Run speed 6, Critical Mend 1, Combat Agility 5, Combat Stability 5. ..Monk class leader, Sadaan!!

 Shamans - Abundant healing 3, Expansive mind 2, Gift of mana 2, Healing gift 4,  Mental Clarity 3, Mass Group Buff 1 (MGB).
 BeastLords - Critical Affliction 3, Companion Agility 2, Combat Agility 5, Bestial Frenzy 3, Companions Agility 3, Combat Stability 5.

... Other classes are coming soon!! Keep checking in.


Dusk Chameleon, Dec 13, 08 9:39 AM.
Frozen Heart started its own raids on Friday Night, the 12th.

We were gathering, I noticed the lack of numbers, so we asked around and formed 2 full groups and partial third.

We hit Rikkukin first, and with a whapping speed near the end, Rik died!

Congrats Sadaan, Qlainx, and Novia on the loots:Choker of One Hundread Diamonds x2(S&Q) and Novia on Woven Ice Pantaloons

After losing some, we went after Yar'lir.

Apparently, lack of DPS can make it slow...

While it took us awhile, we did get Yar'lir too

Grats to all

(Sadly, forgot who all won hammer, ring, and the other peice of loot)

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Sensei Sadaan Insaane, Nov 25, 08 5:10 PM.
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