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Victors of War ll
Guild Requirements    
Our requirements are as follows:

(1) You must be a multiboxer.

(2) You must have someone in Victors of War (VoW) who will vouch for you.

(3) You must be active.

(4) You must NOT cause any sort of drama.  DRAMA is not tolerated in the guild, if you instigate it . . . you will immediately be removed from the guild.
Welcome to Victors of War ll Website!

This is a combination of guilds: Victors of War II and Victors of War ll which contains the ALTs for the Victors of War.  Many of us multibox which means an over abundance of support toons.

We seek to provide a guild where members are able to help each other and raid . . . and to enjoy Everquest Online Adventures to its fullest!
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Members Online    
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We do not plan raids as other guilds may do, we are more spontaneous and based on our numbers, we will raid mobs accordingly. 
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