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Denial of Service
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Welcome to Denial of Service!

I created Denial of Service with the concept of maintaining a fun, easy going environment for the benefit of all who join us. We have few rules, asking primarily that you are an active player and you respect others in the guild.

Our guild has been assembled for the purpose of denying safe harbor for Horde in Azeroth. We will be participating in raids against their cities, and annihilating them wherever they are found. The horde will be pushed from our shores by force.

The guild has grown rapidly over the last few weeks, and we are approaching a full membership of 500. We are adding new features and sorting things out, so be patient with us as we get to know everybody and work out all the kinks. We are here to support you as best we can, and hope to add everybody to our ranks of level 70's. We are planning many cool events soon. Keep an eye out for the guild message of the day and stop by here to check out the guild calendar often.

Your guild leader,

Guild Rules and Regulations:

1. We primarily ask that you are an active player. We don't like to see an entire guild roster full of people who are never on. We have many friendly people who are happy to help. Please take advantage of that. Members who I see as being inactive for over a month may be considered killed in action, will be mourned but removed from the guild to make room for the living.

2. Please be courteous to your other guild members. Everybody has a better time when there is no bickering on guild chat. We want to create a community where all are considered welcome, appreciated and where everybody can contribute.

3. The guild bank vault is for the use of everybody in the guild. If you need an item or two, feel free to grab what fits you. If you have green or better items that would be useful to others, please consider donating them or trade for other items. Please do not put white or grey items into the guild bank unless they are materials for crafting.

4. Higher levels are urged to assist lower levels when possible. If you're bored, see if anybody can use a run through an instance or help with questing. Even if you get no experience for the quests, and the item drops are useless (I turn looting to "pass on all"), you gain far more in the long run by creating friendships and fostering a community in the guild.

5. Guild meetings will be held at random intervals, as well as "beer time" with your guild leader. Meetings are not mandatory, but all players are encouraged to keep an eye on the MOTD for announcements, and all who attend usually end up with a promotion to "Slayer" ranking.

6. Please do not beg for money in guild chat. It annoys the higher levels. If you are having difficulty obtaining gear, please let us know and somebody will more than likely volunteer a stack of gold for purchasing better equipment.

7. Everybody is urged to create and maintain a profile here on Guildportal and participating in the site forums. Please come here to ask questions about the guild, ask about starting an event or anything else you'd like to see. I am open to suggestions from anybody. I will do what I can to provide what others want.

8. Above all, enjoy yourself. Stay a while and get to know people. If there is anything you need, feel free to ask. Be patient as we have grown a lot lately and we will get to you as we can.

Guild Member Ranks:

We currently have 5 ranks within the guild. There will be more added soon which will have varied requirements and will be used as a badge of honor position within the guild. The current available ranks:

Denied: This is a rarely used penalty rank. If you are inactive for too long, you will attain this rank and will have to show yourself to be an active member to bring your rank back up.

Target: All new members will be given this rank. All alliance members are targets for the horde. This rank allows you to use the guild bank for repairs and you may withdraw one item per day.

Slayer: All members in good standing within the guild, who have shown that they are active members will be given the rank of Slayer. This allows up to three withdrawls from the guild bank per day and also the invitation of new guild members. Members may also be given the rank of Slayer for attending a guild meeting or partying with the guild leader.

Annihilator: Annihilators are our guild officers. They have proven themselves worthy of your respect as they have actively participated in growing the guild and assisting it's members with contributions of money and time.
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