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Welcome to [H]Anonymous

We are a Rerolled guild with experience up to Sunwell. We decided to have a fresh start on a different server so here we are on DRAGONMAW!

We are Recruiting for NAXX10 then shortly NAXX25. We are looking for people who know how to play their class. (@ L80 it shouldn't be hard to sustain a minimum of 1K+ DPS)

You are required to have
-Ventrilo (you don't have to talk but you need to listen)
-DBM (deadly boss mods)
-OMEN (threat meter) works better then the intergrated one imo
and any other correct addons needed to help you.

Classes needed

-Priests (holy CoH/shadow)
-Paladins (holy/ret)
-Death Knights (unholy/blood)
-Warriors (Fury/arms)
-Druids (Resto/moonkin/feral)

We raid Tuesday-Thurs Starting at 7-730PM to 11-11:30PM Servertime

For any more INFO please contact Benkai (me) or Gotrice for more info.

Remember No drama. No baddies
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