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Dark Watch
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Welcome to Dark Watch!

We are an RvR based guild with a background from DAoC and WoW.  Most of us have been together for a long time and are family. We are so glad all of you could join us in our fight for dominance over all that is good. We will reign over the battlefields both far and wide bringing carnage to all Order scum!
War Herald News

Server Move

Zebtoons, Jul 15, 09 9:12 AM.
Heads up, everyone!  We have moved to Badlands server as of 7/14/2009.  EA-Mythic sprung a server move on us and so we did it before they did it to us.

Come join us over there now!  Let us know you're on and we'll get you back in toot suite.


Mortus Angelus Guildportal Site Is Now Up

Zebtoons, Jun 23, 09 5:30 PM.
Hey, everyone!  Bloodjagore has set up an alliance website for us to be able to check and see what alliance wide events are scheduled and allow us to sign up for any of them.  Go check it out!  You'll want to "Join" the alliance but that's just a matter of a couple of mouse clicks and you won't need to make a new account or anything.  While you're here, check out our own calendar and make sure you're not missing any of our events either.

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