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Obsidian Maelstrom
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Hello everyone.  I wanted to tell you in person but for whatever reason that has not been possbile for whatever reason.  OM has run its course.  We have grown, we have laughed, we have struggled, we have prevailed, together and individually.  We have forged bonds here that will stand the test of time in our hearts.  It is time to move on, to find new adventures.  OM is very small and we are sequestering ourselves from so many options.  Yes the feel of OM is a good feeling. Yes the level of maturity, independance and pervertedness (hehehe) has been awesome : )  But at this stage of the game, to advance, we need groups, we need options, we need raids and OM, even through Shardstorm can no longer provide that.  Our attendance as a whole has dwindled where some people can be the only ones online for an entire day.

Power and No Fear, PaNF, has welcomed us with open arms.  Eledhwen(aka Kumintari) and Deneril, present PaNF leaders, welcome us with open arms.  Flakfizer (aka Mortivari) , raid leader, further extends the invitation.  You can contact them for invite and/or check the shardstorm channel.

It was a great ride guys, I love ya : )  Good hunting and hope to see you soon.

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