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BHP Alliance Chat
TeamSpeak2 is available for the use of members of the BHP Alliance. TeamSpeak2 Server Information: You MUST have Teamspeak 2 to access the server, TeamSpeak 3 will not work with TS2 server. The password is muggles You can obtain the TeamSpeak2 client software HERE.
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Blue Knights Officer
Aquilonia Blackheart
Alliance GM
Fen Risson
Blue Knights Officer
Blue Knights GM
Blue Knights Officer
Blue Knights Officer
Blue Knights Officer
Service Updates
Welcome !!!!! To the home of The Blue Knights Guild / The Shadow Knights Guild: a member of the Blackheart Pirates Alliance of Gaheris !!!!!

To members of the Blue Knights Guild: problems have arisen in the guild forcing us to remove it from the alliance. We have formed a new guild, The Shadow Knights, which has assumed the spot in the Blackheart Pirates Alliance. If you are a member of the Blue Knights and have not transferred yet to The Shadow Knights, please do a /who Shadow Knights and ask for an officer to transfer your toons, or email us here so we can arrange a time to be online to help you.
Thank You, and sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

An alliance of Friends, Family, of Fun !!

We, the joining guilds of the Alliance, come together to forge a stronger community of Friends, Family and Fun. The main goal of the Alliance will be to work together to make the Community of Gaheris stronger and more enjoyable for everyone.

To this effort, the founding GM's have set forth this Guild Charter, as a way to set the cornerstone of the foundation of our Guild. Providing a guide to help keep this a place that is enjoyable by all who belong to it.
Each and every Guild Member pledges to maintain honor and pride in our Alliance. (Please visit the BHP webpage and read the guide to plundering). In doing so, they ensure that our Alliance Chat channel will be maintained at a PG13 Rating so that all may enjoy. They also understand that if asked by any GM or Officer of a Guild belonging to the Alliance, to move their chat out of Alliance Chat they will do so willingly. If it goes beyond this, it will be up to the GM of the Guild to discipline the member with warnings or taking away of Chat privileges.

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BHP Alliance Page
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