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Paragon City Justice Force
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The Senate Seat
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City of Heroes

City of Heroes brings the world of comic books alive in this massively multiplayer 3D online universe.Craft your hero's identity and join millions of Hero characters in a constantly expanding universe, explore the sprawling online metropolis of Paragon City, and battle a host of foes including criminals, villains, and monsters.

Welcome to the Paragon City Justice Force Headquarters.

Paragon City Justice Force was founded by General Paradise. The group was based on the principles of Justice for All and Justice before DisHonor.

Paragon City Justice Force follows a Code of Conduct they call the Justice Force Chronicles.
Justice Force Chronicles.
1. Every member must be active in the group.
2. Every member must attend every meeting.
3. The officers must be willing to help those under their command.
4. Justice will always be they key objective.
5. Every member must show the group colors.
   A. Either in Supergroup mode
   B. Or after level 20 have a costume slot dedicated to the group.
6. The officers must each plan a group contest, promotion, or event.
7. A major group decision such as leader promotion must be brought before the group officers.
8. The Senate consists of the chairman: General Paradise, and his senior officers.
9. To be Senior Officer and have a seat in the Senate, you must be Captain or above.
10. Once level 20 is reached you must have group costume and hero costume.
11. If a member ever needs influence or enhancements etc. don't hesitate to ask an officer.
12. Each member has a responsibilty to recruit other members.
13. Each new member must be briefed on the new rules.
14. We believe in a friendly environment, and if you feel you were mistreated by a group member let General Paradise or a Senior Officer know immediately and the proper punishments will be issued.
15. Demotions will not be issued without review before the Senate and approval of the Chairman.
16. Non-Active members will be briefed with several warnings before ultimate decision of being kicked from the group.
17. We love to team with group members because we are friends, allies and family.
18. Have fun, be safe, and save Paragon City.

In addition to the many rules, our group does many other things.
We hold competitions for advancement.
We give rewards for various reasons, like just being an active member.
And plenty of other surprises.

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