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Dark Haven
Welcome to Dark Haven!

I am pleased that your interested in our little "family".  We have much to do in the Rogue Isles and eventually Pargon City.  All in due time.  You will find our merry band of miscreants helpful as long as you have the cash to pay for help... some might help for free if the plan is solid or twisted enough.  I suggest you look around and meet the crew, have a few drinks and relax.  The outside world has yet to find our haven.


Jester's Challenge: Bring me the head of a hero!

Red Jester, Dec 12, 08 6:58 AM.
Well ladies and gentlemen... and I use the terms loosely... I want to see what kind of battle prowess you really have.  I will pay a bounty of $50,000 Infamy for each hero defeated in the arena or the PvP zones.  I will be setting aside a 2 million Infamy reserve to pay the bounty, once it is depleted this contest will end.  Defeating the same hero over and over will not earn you more bounties, so look for new victims.

Bounty Cash Remaining: $2,000,000

Of course I will require proof of the hero's defeat.  E-mail Techno Jester or speak with me in game for the details on how to collect your bounty.
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