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10man DKP system
Jan 7, 09 8:44 AM
Kel'Thuzad Downed!
Jan 3, 09 7:36 AM
Sapphiron Downed!
Dec 29, 08 3:31 PM
Forum Signatures
Dec 22, 08 4:20 PM
Seeking Guild Alliances and Mergers!
Dec 22, 08 8:37 AM
Welcome to the Envied home website for one of the newest uprising guilds on Laughing Skull!

Who are we? We're the new and envied players of WoW.. Sounds conceited? Maybe a little bit, but we're not. We're an equal opportunity guild with casuals who raid to get things done and one friendly community you cannot turn down. We care for our members and we look out for each other like a family.

Simply put, you want gear? Come get it! Everyone works for it under a fair system and in the end everyone turns out to be a winner! We run heroics daily to help those who need that extra push to get into raiding content with the rest of the guild as well as any other things any member needs.

Our Raids begin at 7pm Server (Central Standard Time) till 10pm (midnight the latest) Tues-Thursday (Optional Weekends, unless scheduled)

Get geared, Look good, Be Envied!

--if you are interested on joining Envied. Feel free to register and sign up using your characters name as best as we can so that we may know who to talk to upon request. Enjoy and hope to see you soon! -Jaggerjak
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10man DKP system

jaggerjak, Jan 7, 09 8:44 AM.
We have scrapped 10man DKP system because it caused ALOT of confusions.. Also Groups 1 and 2 will be made up of people who've already raided vs people who want to raid. So far group 2 is for the  newer members and people who just hit 80. With a few of the guys who already know the instance. This also falls for 10man Sartharion and Vault. 25man is ALL INVITED guild members. Also helps us know who is trying to make the effort to show up so i can include you in future raids.

Kel'Thuzad Downed!

jaggerjak, Jan 3, 09 7:36 AM.

Sapphiron Downed!

jaggerjak, Dec 29, 08 3:31 PM.
Fuck yes! About time we got em down! :) Malygos here we come!

Forum Signatures

jaggerjak, Dec 22, 08 4:20 PM.
I think this is one of the most nifty things I've seen on WoW. It's actually pretty freakin cool . Tracks your stats every 24 hours and posts them in your forums signature. To do so Visit , sign up (no email required). Fill out the information it says. Use the drop menus for your attributes and WALLA! Create and you get something that looks like this below:

You can even Upload your OWN Images! Try it out! It's awesome in my opinion!

Seeking Guild Alliances and Mergers!

jaggerjak, Dec 22, 08 8:37 AM.
As you can see. Our guild is growing vastly! We need more compentant raiders to succeed in the later content. We're casual, but we get stuff done right? Well soon or later I won't be able to meet EVERYONE'S demands so what I have to offer time and effort to work with ANY Guild Master of any guild who wants to progress and get things done.

If it means restructuring Envied. I will work with it which best suites me and my members along with YOUR members.

So I , the GM of Envied is WILLING to work with YOU (The GM of w.e guild it may be you're from) to make raiding our goal. I think of it as.. Why battle against each other on trying to grow when we can work together and bring both our communities together and make something of it. We can be the next high-end guild. We can be Envied!
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