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New Guild Codex!
Dec 13, 08 11:50 PM
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Welcome to Arcticus Suffoco!

 Have you been searching and searching and are slowly losing the hope of finding a guild that doesn't care about raiding and just wants to...what's that word...have fun? Well then you've come to the right place! Arcticus Suffoco is a guild all about having fun instead of worrying about silly gear inspections and raid meetings. Who needs them when you can save all that time (and money) and just throw snowballs at people?
                                                           /Afterall, guilds just wanna have fu-uun!/
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New Guild Codex!

540071250_Inactive, Dec 13, 08 11:50 PM.
Guild Codex

*This is NOT a raiding guild* unless you count Southshore as end game! We have no aspirations whatsoever to become any sort of raiding guild. That includes casual, medium and hardcore. We created this guild to have fun in a game we like to play. It was not created to be a stressful environment in a game that is made to be fun. Our idea of fun is PvP and guild events. Guild events includes all listed below but certainly not limited:
    Guild Dodgeball
    Fishing parties
    Holiday Parties
    Guild instance running
    Guild raids on enemy territories
    Guild meetings

    If you have an idea for a guild event please do not hesitate to tell an orca, walrus or The Harpoon, we would love to hear your ideas!

Following is the list of ranks:

    Sea Lion
    Polar Bear
    The Harpoon (Guild Master)

    We will have an alternate rank for officer alts and occasionally we will award special ranks and privileges to certain members.

Code of Conduct
    This is a guild for everyone and certain things will not be tolerated.
    No peeing in the soup.
    No lewd comments in guild chat.
    No bringing drama to guild chat.
        ~Keep religious and political comments to whisper.
        ~If a problem arises bring it to a guild officer and not to guild chat.
        ~If you have a problem with a guild officer bring it to the guild master.
        ~We will not tolerate any form of harassment.
    While this is intended to be a fun guild we want to promote humor and not immaturity in Azeroth.
        ~Please don't tarnish what we have worked for in this guild.
        ~We will not tolerate disrespect to players and especially guild members.

    Failure to follow Arcticus Suffoco's Code of Conduct could result in dismissal from the guild.

    Last but not least, this guild was created by a circle of family and friends. An important focus for this guild is to keep that bond of friendship strong while of course, having fun! Friends are there to help each other and that is what we aim for. If you need an instance run or if an opposing enemy is being relentless, we will be there for you! We hope to see you in the guild!
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