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Guild Rules
Dec 14, 08 2:49 PM
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On Sunday May 24th, 2009 we will lotto off this guild tabard iron-on.  

You can win this guild tabard iron-on - with your own information -for your own shirt.  It will have your name on it and you will be able to specify if you want to put it on a white or black shirt.

Just send in 5 gold for each number you want to pick.  Pick numbers between 1 and 250. The person who is closest without going over will win the tabard iron-on.   In the event of a tie, there will be a second roll to choose the winner. 


The gold raised by this lottery will be split to build up the jackpot for the normal weekly lottery and to buy a new bank tab for the guild vault.
Upon winning this iron-on tabard, you will be required to supply your name and address to the guild owners, so please DO NOT ENTER if you are not comfortable doing that.   If you are under 18 years old, you MUST get your parents' permission before entering or supplying your name and address to receive the tabard in the event of a win.

Iron-on instructions will be sent with the tabard iron-on, but since the guild owners are not present to apply the iron-on personally, there is no guarantee regarding the quality or usability of the iron-on.

The gold received for this lottery will be added to the guild bank for either lottery or bank uses and NO REFUNDS will be made. 

If for any reason the tabard iron-on lottery must be cancelled prior to the actual choosing of the winning number, all gold submitted will be returned to the player(s) that submitted it.

Have fun and Good Luck!

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Guild Rules

Yingxiong, Dec 14, 08 2:49 PM.
  • First and foremost, this is a FAMILY-FRIENDLY GUILD.  Please keep that in mind at all times.  The use of vulgarities and profanities is not acceptable.  We are mindful that some people have a hard time with this, so you will be reminded once if it occurs.  The second offense you will be demoted to Probationary status (Dungeon level) which does not allow you to converse in guild chat, along with a written warning.  The Probationary period (Dungeon level) will last for 24 hours; however, if it happens again, the next time you will be booted.
  • No begging.  Please do not beg for gold, supplies or mats.  We have a guild vault available from which people may select items.  The guild vault is free as long as you use it moderately.  Items taken are only to be items you can use now for your toon - NOT TO BE SOLD!  We do ask that as you take items out of the bank, that you also replenish these with items you don't use, or with money.  The guild vault is handy for everyone in the guild and we ask that everyone respects this rule!  There is a log to show who takes what items, which everyone can acess, and it is checked daily.  Anyone who is caught removing high-end items and putting them up for sale - either in trade or general chat or on the AH - will be booted from the guild.  You will be requested to return the item immediately, and failure to do so will result in a complaint to WoW GMs.

  • All new guild members will be started at *Minion* level.    You will remain at *Minion* status for a minimum of seven (7) days before being promoted to your proper level rank.  While in *Minion* status, you will have no access to the Elite Force of Hell guild vault, except to be able to look at what items are in the first tab. Unfortunately, the unscrupulousness of some have ruined it for all because of those who join guilds for the express purpose of raiding the Guild Vault. Please be patient - and do not beg for a promotion. It will be done soon enough.  =)

  • Please remember that each person's profession is how they make their money.  Although we can suggest that guildies try to cut a break to fellow guildies on their professions, it is not mandatory.  Nor should you expect these services to be free, or demand that they be free!  Tipping is optional - but always appreciated!

  • Instance runs are not to be begged for.  We try to pay attention to what instance runs are requested.  If you have a certain instance you need to run, please speak to a guild officer or leader if you can't find a group.  Please remember that ALL items that are rolled on are to be GREEDED only!  It is also advised that you find people of your own level to run instances with as a normal basis. This results in higher experience points for you.  When running an instance, please do as the run leader asks or suggests.

  • Guild Lottery.  Everyone is allowed to enter with the exception of the guild leaders.  There is a random group of members each week that witness the roll of the dice to decide the weekly guild lottery numbers.  Please do not whisper or bother the lottery character (ELITELOTTO) asking to find out what is going on.  He will let you know as soon as it is all decided.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your lottery numbers are sent in on time so that they will be received by the time of the rolling of the dice.  Remember that it takes mail approximately one hour to be delivered, so send your entries accordingly.   They can be mailed in any time throughout the week.  It does not have to be the day of the lottery.  The lottery will always be decided on the Sunday evenings as close to 5:00 p.m. Server Time each week as it can be done.  If your entry is not there in time for the lottery, it will be rolled over to be used on the next week's lottery.  All entries are 25s per number to be sent to ELITELOTTO.  The exact number wins the pot. If there is no exact number, then the closest number without going over wins half!  You need NOT be present online to win.  Good luck!!!! (REMEMBER:  If your entry is not received in time, that is not the fault of the lottery or the guild!)

  • Sexual harrassment, racism and rude attitudes will not be tolerated in our guild.  Please respect the other players.  Any offenses of this rule will result in IMMEDIATE booting from guild with no warnings!  We hope to be getting Ventrilo soon, and the same rules will apply there.  REMEMBER:  This is a family-friendly guild.

  • Ventrilo will be for guildies only!  Please contact Pipskweaq (or one of her alts) or Yingxiong (or one of his alts) for server information.   Our Vent is Password Protected.  If you give out the password to anyone not in our guild without express permission, you will be banned from Vent use.  You may request permission from an officer or guild leader if you have a party going on or an arena team and it is needed for some that are not fellow guildies.  If you are booted or leave the guild, you will no longer be allowed to use the ventrilo server.  Please do not use the annoying automated comments in ventrilo and watch your languageNO VULGARITY WHATSOEVER!  If you are in a party, please use one of the party channels. Do not conduct your party in the General channel(s)!  If a party is in a party channel, do not go into the channel, unless you are with the party or have permission by the party members!

  • Guild Ranks.  Guild rank promotions will usually be given on a daily basis if Pipskweaq(or alts) has time.  PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR A PROMOTION.  Promotions are given based upon your level for *Graveyard* (1-9), *Wormwood* (10-24), *Demon* (25-39), *Blood Demon* (40-54), and *Fire Demon* (55 & up).  *Elite Demon* are officers and are given out when an officer position comes open and is based upon obvious maturity level, your knowledge of the game and your willingness to help in the guild.  You must be at least a level 50 to be ranked officer status unless your main is already Elite Demon and your under-level-50 is an alt. Only under very special circumstances will exceptions be made to this rule, at the discretion of YingXiong(or alts) or Pipskweaq(or alts).  "Arch Demon* are the toons of the guild leaders.  Elite Lord is our guild master, YingXiong.

  • Characters in the guild are to be played at once every 20 days or they will be booted for inactivity at 21 days.  If you have an alt in the guild, please make sure to let an officer know so it can be noted on the officer notes so that the alt isn't booted for inactivity when the main character is being played.  All officer characters are demoted if they are inactive for more than 10 days (if none of their alts are played at all).  If you are going to be on vacation or offline for a little while and you know ahead of time, please send an in-game mail to Pipskweaq or YingXiong (or whisper them when they're online) and they will note your account so you are not kicked from the guild.  If you are military, please let us know also, so it is noted on your account and you are not removed from the guild.

  • We invite everyone to join our guild.  Inviting others to the guild is open to all guildies -including those just joining in *Minion* status - and encouraged!

  • Access has been limited to officers only on the social guild tab to prevent people abusing the privilege and placing rude comments about other guildies there.  We ask that each person let an officer know what their professions are so they can be noted in the notes section.  The officer section (which non-officers cannot see) is for the officers to add if this is an alt or if you are gone on vacation or for other circumstances and will be unable to play for a while.  This is so you are not removed from the guild while you are away.

If you are caught removing items that you cannot use from the guild vault, you will be demoted to *Probation* status (Dungeon level) where your bank privileges will be suspended for one month and you will be silenced from speaking in guild chat.  This is a serious offense, people, so please think twice - or even thrice - before taking items from the vault you cannot use.  If the items are returned, your bank privileges will be reinstated after five (5) days for your first offense.  If a second offense occurs, you will be removed from the guild!  The guild vault items are only for your toon that you can use now.  No items are to ever be sold!

Remember to have fun and please be kind to others in guild and out.  Remember that you represent Elite Force of Hell to WoW - and we want to let others know what a great guild we are by our actions!!!
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