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NEW: The Lairs Await Us
Feb 20, 09 3:33 PM
Ground Breaking NEWS
Jan 17, 09 12:26 PM
Da Biggest Laaaaag!!
Jan 17, 09 10:45 AM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Dec 14, 08 4:18 PM

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Introduction :

Thank you for checking out Geezerz o' da Apokolipz! (or Goda, for short).  We hope you enjoy the ideas and methods our guild has to offer, if you are unsure of what type of guild we are, here is a quick reminder.

We are a casual guild, meaning you don't have to feel you have to log on everyday, and put in 8 hours of grinding to reach that next level.

We try to help our fellow guild members out, whether it be gaining that next level, or progressing their trade/profession skill, or reaching higher renown.  We are a team and our progress helps the Guilds progress. 

We enjoy all types of game modes, whether it's RvR, Scenarios, questing, or re-capturing  keeps.  With always keeping our play type different it means there is always Guild activities for everyone to take part in.

Although we are a casual Guild, that doesn't mean we only allow casual gamers, ALL are welcome!!  We feel that makes being part of this Guild a more stress free experience.
As we are a New Guild the content in this page is limited, but over time, as the Guild grows, our community will grow, and there fore, the page and information in it will progress, with the chance to bring in several more features in the coming months.
I hope this is enough information to help you decide whether this is the Guild for you, however if you have any further question feel free to make a post on the forum, or contact us DIRECTLY at

Okay so you might be asking yourself, what does the guild name mean, and how did it come about? We just changed the spelling around for the Words, 'Geezers of the Apocalypes' not only is it a cool Guild name but also a unique one too, that no-one else will have, (just like our Heraldry) and it  means we come pretty near the top in Google search when you type in the word 'Geezurz', so people who have maybe saw us in action but can't rember our full guild name still have a way to find us on the net. 
Maybe not as exciting  a story as you may of hoped for how we got our name, but none the less you now know a little bit more of the background of how it came about.

Navigation :

The page is separated into several forums, the first of which is viewable by non-members, but the others can be accessed after the joining process has been completed, and a further forum can be accessed when officer status has been reached within the guild.

We would also ask that all members sign up their characters to the Guild Page Roster, as this is a good way to show non-members how many people are a member to GodA, and also show who's alt are also a member of the Guild.

The GM's :

If you are having any problems in game,
Please feel free to message any of the GM's shown below. And if able, they will be happy to help you in any way they can.


Need to Know Information :

At this present time:

The Guild's tax is at 5%
GodA has over 100 members
The Guild's bank is being established
Titles and responsibilities are pending
All races, classes and levels are welcome
We have a Guild Alliance: Dulce Bellum Inexpertis


NEW: The Lairs Await Us

Squitters, Feb 20, 09 3:33 PM.
For the next four weeks we will be visiting The Lair of the Bandit Queen, starts 21 of Feb, finish on 21 of march.  If we have more people at higher level who would rather us vist a Tier two Lair please feel free to add your comment below. Please note, after this visit to The Bandit Queen is over we will be heading to the Lair of Metoh, so if you feel like getting a taste for a lair, you can always make a new character and take part in the tier 1 lair, then do the tier 2 lair in a months time.  Look forward to your feed back.

Ground Breaking NEWS

Squitters, Jan 17, 09 12:26 PM.

The News is Traveling far and Wide, Read more in the Scavenging Section in the General Forums for more information on this Ground Breaking NEWS!!

(Comedy purposes based on factual information)

Da Biggest Laaaaag!!

Ephla442, Jan 17, 09 10:45 AM.
I'm sure many of the WAR community was there when Inev City was under attack a few nights ago, and I'm sure there was more than just myself that got lagged out of this EPIC, monumental occasion.  Surely if this is what happens when you make it to the opposing forces Main city, what's the point in even pursuing it,  (apart from the obvious xp/rp along the way) how gutted would we of been if this was the other way round?

Okay so I have to stop and say, 'Yes I did find it funny that the shear numbers of players crashed the server', only because it mainly affected the order, and their struggle to take on our Capitol City.  But this also leaves me wondering, how many time will both Destruction and Order have to get to that stage before this problem is resolved, or have they already resolved it??

I would love to hear any responses you may have to this News post please feel free to make a topic in General.  Here's the only image i managed to take of the Epic Lag match before i was promptly lagged out.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Ephla442, Dec 14, 08 4:18 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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