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If I have to give my life you can have it

We fight til no one can fight us
We live, and no one can stop us
We pull when we're pushed too far
The bottom line is
We never, had to fight in the first place
We only, had to spit back at their face
We won't, walk alone any longer
What doesn't kill us, only makes us stronger

Merger with Knights of Order

-Sqwittle-, Sep 29, 09 8:26 PM.
Population has sunk to record lows, guild activity is down. We're heading to a more populated guild with Knights of Order (who conveniently are restructuring their Officer positions). Fallout will still be used for alts, but all are encouraged to come along.

Praag transfer to Badlands!

-Sqwittle-, Aug 9, 09 8:41 PM.
Friday afternoon we got the message that Praag Order would be transferred to Badlands. Our guild in its entirety has packed up and moved along!

Do a /who Fallout to find someone online to send you an invite. Also, failing that, hang out on Vent and someone will be there to hook you up.

Also, head down to the forums. Server transfers mean a heraldy re-spec!
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