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SCF Guild Portal Site Dismantled

Lunaa Nova, Oct 15, 09 7:30 PM.
The Societas Coire Fatalis Guild Portal page has been set up to be dismantled today.  The alliances and members were all removed and that sends a message to the webmasters to delete the page.  The older, yet trusty Alliance Raid Team page will remain and will be the teams main page and source for events, news and other information.  Those of you not yet signed up here on this site, need to do so right away, as to keep you from falling behind on what all is happening with the team.  Only signed up members will have access to the forums and other pages here on the site, not to mention events.

"THE RIFT" Success At Last

Lunaa Nova, Jan 4, 09 12:00 PM.
Last night the RAT team was finally able to complete the quest from the third floor in the Tower of the Four Winds, in the Village of Shin, Island of Mara, called "The Rift".  This quest is a level 70 Prestige Quest and leads to the access of the fourth floor and a quest called "A Vision of the Future".  This quest has been in the works for weeks, but with the holidays and new additions to the team, we were not able to get to the task until now.  It required the entire teams efforts and we all had to complete the access quest in order to enter the zone.  It was a great deal of work getting us all to this point, but all the effort paid off last night.

The team had to split up into groups of 6 team members and the zone is listed as "Super Heroic" and in the words of one of the posters of past groups that have entered the zone, "It should be noted that completion of The Rift requires clearing "Nizara, City of the Nayad", Which is a "Super Heroic" instance zone found at the bottom of The Forsaken City. Nizara is a zone designed to test players of high end content (Fully Fabled/Mastered Raid outfitted characters) as most of the content in actuality is group x2 or harder. In short, don't expect to clear Nizara with a pickup group."  

I must admit upon reading this, we got a little worried about our safety and hoped we would at least get the four book updates done.  The excitement was in the air, and the long wait and prep for this zone only added to the teams jitters and anticipation.  Group one was comprised of Pricylla (80 Beserker, GoV), Stormbourne (76 Fury, Legion, aka Geigei), Salumon (80 Shadowknight, GoV, aka Urul), Zealotira (77 Inquisitor, GoV), Faeryn (77 Ranger, GoV), and Cherica (80 Conjuror, CK).  Group two was comprised of Nifo (80 Shadowknight, GoV), Balenda (80 Inquisitor, GoV), Listy (80 Wizard, GoV), Soteki (76 Paladin, GoV), Krita (80 Ranger, GoV).  Pantheo, a level 80 Monk from GoV,came out to help group two during the final battle.

We were hoping that maybe this zone had been dumbed down a bit since the posting on the zone in Alakazham, but to our shigrin, the zone was every bit as difficult as it had been described.  Both groups wiped a time or two (or three), but nothing near what we had imagined for a fresh new raid team that is not used to working together all that much.  The mobs had the worst knock-back I have ever experienced in any raid zone and they were terrible about causing the team members to lose target on a repeatative basis.  Both groups found and destroyed Mistress Zhvari, Nizari'zhi, a Orange level 75 super-heroic with two level 75 adds.  This was an epic battle for both groups, but both came out alive and super thrilled about our next adventure coming up next week. 

The completion of "The Rift", gives each team member a Tanaan Portal Device, which allows you to open a time portal to the "Lair of Chel'Drak, the Ancient Lord.  He is a level 75 Epic mob X4, which is considered one of the hardest raid encounters in the game at the release of KoS (Kingdom of the Sky) expansion.  The quest that allows this confrontation is on the fourth and final floor of the "Tower of the Four Winds" and this is the next event scheduled for next weeks raid event.

Everyone should be proud of the way they handled the access and eventual raid and they all deserve a great big "WAY TO GO"!


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Lunaa Nova, Dec 14, 08 10:08 PM.

Yes, we did it!!!  A second place we can now call home besides our normal guilds website's here on Guild Portal.

We now have our own page for the RAT members use.  This new Guild Portal page for the Alliance's RAT members should help us track our teams comings and goings with alot more ease. 

I hope you all enjoy the new site and if you have any ideas or questions, make sure and bring them up at the next team meet up time.

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