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Important Guild Information

Vulatan Darkshadow, Mar 16, 09 12:42 PM.

Darkwater Guild Rules & Charter

Mission Statement

Darkwater is a Multi-faction guild. We have members of all faction and profession. We are ‘Need before Greed’ minded. Our players are knowledgeable and experienced.


Guild website:

Forum Rules        

No foul language.

No disrespecting others.

Leader discussions will not be done in public unless deemed appropriate.


1)     NO DRAMA.

2)     Respect for your guild mates as well as your opponent.

3)     Stepping on each other in Ventrilo on purpose will not be tolerated.

4)     Rare or valuable items must never be SOLD to guild mates. (Guild mates can agree upon compensation if appropriate)

5)     Crafters will be treated like a respectable business.



Guild Leader: Vulatan Darkshadow

Co-Leader: Hasok Silvermoon

Jedi Coordinator: Holle’

Bounty Hunter Coordinator: Bobert’ Fett

Space Squadron Commander: Warlock-se-

Instances Coordinator: Mala’

Recruiter: ‘Rocc’

Recruitment Rules

Prospects may be sponsored at any time, upon Recruiter approval.

Guilding will be determined by the Leaders and occur on Sundays.

*This will apply to all new members*

Guild Party

Vulatan Darkshadow, Mar 14, 09 5:49 PM.
Sunday March 15th, 6:30 CST

We are be hosting a Guild Party every three months on Sunday night instead of the normal Guild Meeting. All Guild members and friends are encouraged to come and get to know each other.

Duels, pet duels, races and free drinks.

Come meet your Leadership and your Guild mates.

Vulatan Darkshadow
Darkwater Guild Leader
Mayor of Darkwater

March 7th Space Event - From the Desk of Bain Drago

-Tiny Dancer, Mar 5, 09 6:46 PM.
Starsider Event: March 7, 7:00 PM EST

IC background:

The Alliance has put a large dent in the Empire's shipping lanes. Using "hit and hype" tactics, X-wings, A-wings, and Y-wings have devastated Imperial convoys. Imperial Nebulon-B frigates were deployed to put an end to these raids, but that solution was short-lived with the Rebellion's development of the B-wing assault fighter to quickly disable the capital ship escort.

In frustration, many Imperial freighters resorted to keeping their hyperdrives spun up at navigational changes, ready to jump out at the inevitable appearance of Rebel craft. The Rebellion responded in kind with stolen gravity well projector technology, trapping convoys with craft like the CC-7700 to prevent them from escaping Rebel predatory raids.

Imperial command has decided to put an end to these raids, deploying their own miniaturized gravity well projector aboard an Imperial gunship, hoping to finally end the Alliance's raids. Even now, an Imperial task force hunts the Alliance's small band of raiders...


Both sides field a "command ship." This ship can be any POB: Y-8, YT-1300, YT-2400, Nova Courier, Decimator, YE-4, X-4, or Vigo. This is the target vessel for the enemy during the event. Lose the command ship, lose the event.

This event takes place across the "Outer Rim" systems--Dantooine, Dathomir, Lok, Tatooine, Naboo.

All ships are allowed to freely jump as they please between systems.

Both sides will field an "interdictor." This ship must be a gunship: YE-4, X-4, or Vigo. Like all other vessels, interdictors are allowed to move freely.

An interdictor has the ability to trap the enemy interdictor and/or command ship in a system. To do so, its captain or a member of its crew must announce on SFC: "*faction* Interdictor online in **** system." Once the interdictor has made the announcement, all travel out of the system by the four "big" vessels (the two interdictors and the two command ships) is restricted. Fighters are still allowed to deploy to and from the system. The big ships cannot jump out until the interdictor is either destroyed or is shut down. If it is destroyed, the pilots who destroyed the ship should announce its destruction on SFC. If it is shut down, the captain or crew of the interdictor must make the announcement on SFC.

So, rule set for this event:

Goal is the destruction of the enemy's command ship.

Hyperspace travel is unrestricted except when an interdictor for either faction is powered up.

No ARC-170s/Eta-2 Actises.

No e-weapons/e-shields.

Kill each other and don't whine about it. 


IMPERIAL BRIEFING: Imperial HQ in New Doros, Talus. 6:20 PM EST
CONTACTS: Wezz, Quinllan

REBEL BRIEFING: Rara Avis Flight Academy north of Rebel Outpost, Rori. 6:00 PM EST
CONTACTS: Jascen', Airek, Halyn


Further clarification after being asked in a PM. If an Interdictor comes on-line in a system, any capital ships partway through attempting their hyperspace jump must /abort.

February 28th - Deep Space PvP Event

-Tiny Dancer, Feb 24, 09 12:11 PM.
See Link:  Further Details - Deep Space Event 

 The slaver ship Iron Claw, en route from Kashyyyk to the shipyards on Kuat, is broadcasting an emergency signal. From what little information is available, it seems like the wookiee slaves have turned onto the Trandoshan crew and both sides fight savagely for control over the ship. While the slavers have asked for Imperial assistance to quell the uprising and reinstate their control over the ship and its cargo, the slaves have managed to reach the Rebel Alliance and seek help in regaining their freedom.

 Saturday, 28th of February
Location: Deepspace
Time: 07.00 - 08.30 PM EST (90 minutes)
Imperial coordinators: Wezz, Corvalis
Rebel coordinators: Airek, Anishor
Neutral coordinator: Aenaron

Imperial briefing:

Rebel breifing: 06.00 PM EST, Rara Avis Acedemy, 100m north of the Rebel Outpost, Rori

Neutral briefing: 06.30 PM EST, Science outpost, Dathomir

Ewoks Rule and Humans Drool

-Tiny Dancer, Feb 19, 09 5:46 PM.

LOL sorry could not help it.  Had to almost quote LizM.  She sent in some wonderful screenshots.  Please check out the Gallery!  High Five again Dago :D

The Jedi RP Group Set to Roll

Forceholocron, Feb 5, 09 6:35 AM.

The final major pieces of the "sandbox" have been added and the Jedi Role Playing Group (JRPG) is set to begin RP campaigns.

Last week the Plot Point Mechanic system was added and this past Tuesday, the final details of the Dark Order were added to the "sandbox".

There are rumors about Emperor Palpatine's secret society set forth to execute his plans for Galactic Rule.  Survivors of Order 66 be ware, and those influenced by the dark side be on the look out.

Registered members will begin receiving forum mail containing campaign details this week.

Be sure to register If you haven't done so already.  The JRPG is looking for a few more dark siders and Non-Jedi.

For more information about the JRPG, visit the Jedi Force Sensitive forum.

Headline: Imperials Drive Back Rebels (Screenshots Space RP PvP Event)

-Tiny Dancer, Jan 31, 09 9:30 PM.
Imperials Wait For No One

The Rebel Side (at first)

Rebels right before battle

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