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We at Prophets of War are proud of our membership in:


Prophets of War: Guild Charter

PoW is a family orientated guild.  A guild where its members are willing to help each other out when the opportunity arises.  A place where you are treated with respect as a person, as well as a player. 

PoW is a guild where there are no restrictions on your time, nor are you required to participate in any guild functions.  This is a game that is meant to be enjoyed, and we see your time as your own. 

No player is denied membership; we are willing to discover you as you discover us.  If the "fit" isn't right, we can accept that PoW might not be the right guild for you.  If you decide to leave, leave knowing that our hopes go with you in your quest for the right guild.

Prophets of War:  Guild Guidelines

  1. Treat each other with respect.  This is a game, and we expect you to treat the other players as you wish to be treated.

  2. Don't disrespect the guild.  You represent each and every one of us who proudly wear the PoW title.  Please consider your actions and how they will affect us all.  i.e. no ninja looting, talking trash in /ooc, begging, being cruel or unusual to warders and pets - no one has done any of these, just citing possible examples.  :-)

  3. Since no restrictions are placed on the members, know that if you take the semester, summer, or even a year off of EQ, you will have a home when you return. However, we ask that if you are planning on taking an extended break from the game, that you let an Officer or Leader know.   Feel free take as long as you want, however, after one years time if we havent heard from you, you will be placed on review and you might be purged.  Before then, we might kick you out because you smell bad, but you won't need to worry about being purged until after a year has passed and you have not checked in with an Officer or Leader to let them know your intentions. 

  4. Need before Greed.  If you're in a group and an item drops that is an upgrade for the character your playing at the moment, then by all means roll for the item.  If the item is not an upgrade for anyone in the group, then by all means, greed roll for the item and pass it along to an alt.

Norrathian Council of Guilds Participants

We are proud of our membership in the NCG.  With that membership comes the responsiblity to follow the NCG guidelines, and all guildmembers are expected to comply with the NCG charter in addition to our own.




What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson, (attributed)
Nogard 4/27/2015 6:39 PM
Makes me sad to see the guild so dead. Hope you are all doing well, wherever you all are.
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