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537208332_Inactive (Applicant) 4/8/2005 11:10 AM EST : Bard Sites

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As I pasted this in here, and then went to run them, it became apparent that some of these sites have either moved or been overthrown by evil forces. I think i removed the ones that didnt work. If you find one thats not right let me know...
EQ Song Analysis Links

Some handy links to other Bard Resources

Bard Sites:
How to Weave/Twist/Juggle songs
The Concert HallThe granddaddy of EQ Bard sites.
Sylly's Song Damage ChartSylly Songsynger put together this handy chart of song damage.
The Bard's HavenBerrek Stormcrow's site that features player compositions and information on Bard armor and items.
Torry's Bard Damage AnalyzerNIce spreadsheet that allow comparisons of weapon vs song damage.
EQ DivaKocho Divah's bard site.  Lots of good information on songs, weapons, armor, instruments.
Drewt's Bard SourceSite with bard information and links to other resources.

Song and Poetry sites:

Lost Compositions of Aysha AtreidesThe songs and writings of Aysha Atreides.
The Soerbaird GuildA multi-server Bardic role-playing guild. 
Based on Fennin Ro
Moshkiae's Bard'ic AdventuresBardic Journal of Moshkiae Soulmender, Veeshan server.
The Shakespearian insult generatorAt a loss for words? Let the original Bard help you out with a witty insult to confound your foes!

General interest sites:

EQ Traders CornerThe best trade skill specific site.
Allakhazam's Magical RealmQuest and item spoilers galore.
Norrath ScientificSee why that last bubble of experience takes so long.
The rantings of lum the madEQ (and other MMORPG) news with twist.
Wyndforge's Art of NorrathAmazing EverQuest art site, check it out.
Tweety's Self-Indulgent Everquest RantingDead-on rant site run by an ex-guide.  
Warning: Contains lots of naughty words.


Goatnatos Bard Song Spell Analysis V 2.5The latest update from the author of the original Song Analysis. (text file)
Golmo's Bard Skill Tracking sheetExcel spreadsheet with check off boxes for tracking skill levels (Scanned, virus free, & zipped).
Kaearia's Bard Song AnalysisKaearia is a regular poster to the Concert Hall and EQBards list. (text file)
Munz's Palm Pilot version of Goatnatos AnalysisMunz of Brell Serilis sent in this handy Palm Pilot doc file of Goatnatos Bard Song Spell Analysis V 2.5. Complete with bookmarks.
Reed's Bard Song Calculator V 2.4aReed Stormwind's Song Calculator (requires Excel95 or better)
Odwyn's Bard Armor ChartOdwyn Stormsong made this nice spreadsheet comparing the bard only armor sets.

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