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True Brotherhood of Chaos
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Increasing our numbers
Dec 28, 08 7:16 AM
Guild Website
Dec 23, 08 2:33 PM
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Welcome to TBOC's new website!

This is True Brotherood of Choas' new home. Here you can see see almost everything that goes on within our guild and within our alliance of  6. We are very proud to be a part of the alliance that consists of Embracers of Light, Legion, Guardians of Valor, Celestial Knights, and Blackmoore. We use our websites to keep in contact with each other and see what we each have planned. Take some time and look around at everything you can find in the website.
Make sure if you wanna participate in certain events you use the calender and/or our little events section to the right. Dont forget to parcticipate AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE on this website itself. Whether it be using our alliance forums or signing up for raids, make sure to use the website.

    Weekends: (once every 2 weeks a 65+ raid zone)
    Sat + Sunday 14:00 CST  PR/SOH/ETR/ToT/Trash ToMc
    Weekdays: Fridays 21:00 CST 65+ zone (for example Labs)
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Increasing our numbers

Crudeblade, Dec 28, 08 7:16 AM.
Hey all! Thanks for signing up on our guild site. If you see anybody log on that hasnt already signed up, please let them know about our website, it is imperitive that we get as many of our members to sign up

                                                        Thank you,

Guild Website

Crudeblade, Dec 23, 08 2:33 PM.
Welcome Brothers, to your new Guild Website!
There are no upcoming events.
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