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New Location
Jun 30, 09 10:21 AM
Some Help with Gearing and Understanding your class
Jun 9, 09 3:55 PM
Raid Help
May 28, 09 10:26 PM
Naxxramas Clear
May 28, 09 11:48 AM
May 7, 09 12:01 AM
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Hey You!

Welcome to All That Remains guild's Web sight! We are an all Horde Guild based off of the Korialstrasz server of the World of Warcraft. Our intent is to enjoy the game as we level and gear ourselves and the members within our guild.

-Check out our Guild Info page to see our history, raid requirements, rules, Vent info, and general running of our guild. Our Calender Page to see up coming events! And Our Rosters Page to see who's in the guild. There might be someone you know! We look forward to finding new members who want to join our guild and slaughter the oppressors (alliance).
Other Guild News

New Location

-=Zeros=-, Jun 30, 09 10:21 AM.
All That Remains is still an active guild! We have just moved websites! As of June 2009, All That Remains has began construction on a new website for our guild. Check us out there and thank you for visiting!

Some Help with Gearing and Understanding your class

Romele, Jun 9, 09 3:55 PM.
Hey all..

ATR is moving forward at a very rapid pace.. Everyone seems to be doing well as far as drops go and getting better gear.

We thought we would take some time to put together a couple of forums to help out. I know sometimes I have a hard time trying to figure out if a drop is an upgrade, lateral Grade, etc. Because things are so close.. The better the gear gets the hard it is to decide to roll or not...

We hope with the couple of forums topics we started we can get a great list of resources for all..

Getting Geared - This is a list of sites that will help you decide what your gear progression should be.. Newly added today,,

Understanding your Toon and What stats are Best - Here we are going to try and provide helpful information for any and all classes (DPS or Tank or Heals) of course this information can be found all over the web but we will try and pull the important information into one central area..

Hope this helps us out with the Guild Progressing.

Keep up the great work. ATR Rules



Raid Help

Romele, May 28, 09 10:26 PM.
Have taken a view minutes to add embed videos from for the boss fights in Naxx.

Add them via Quarters, so take some time and watch the videos. They not only show you the fights but do a good job on explaining.


Naxxramas Clear

-=Zeros=-, May 28, 09 11:48 AM.
Grats to the guild on clearing the 10 man Naxxramas raid all the way up through Saphiron! Most every class got some great loot, everyone is familiar with the fights and we are clearing quarters faster and faster. Soon, Nax will be taking only 1 to 2 days to clear. Keep up the good work!


-=Zeros=-, May 7, 09 12:01 AM.
Congratulations on the guild running its first 10 Naxxramas. We completed 2 and 3/4s quarters starting with The "Spider" Quarter, moving on to the Plague Quarter, and then ended on the military quarter with the four horsemen; leaving out the construct quarter all together. Good run, keep up the good work!         
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