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Changes to HU
Dec 29, 09 1:26 AM
Comic-Con goodies
Aug 3, 09 4:46 PM
Don't touch that dial!
Jul 4, 09 6:07 AM
Idun explains Mapservers
Jun 25, 09 5:45 AM
Useful programs
Jun 7, 09 3:44 PM
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Welcome to Heroes Unlimited!

If you've gotten this far, it means you are either a member of HU or thinking of joining. We welcome you here either way. We run many TFs, and hope to start schedualing events very soon. If you want to contact us to join or form a Coalition we can be contacted in game @Kyengen or @Striggoi.

Changes to HU

Kyengen, Dec 29, 09 1:26 AM.
Heroes  Unlimited has undergone some pretty dramatic changes in the last few months and frankly neither I nor Striggoi has had the time to update the site accordingly. The base no longer looks like that, the alt list has changed dramatically and even our colors are no longer black and green. In light of this, I will not be updating this site any longer, but instead will be looking to make a new home for HU outside of Paragon in the near future. Thank you all for your efforts within the game thus far and I hope we will continue to do well. I'll place the url to our new site once it becomes available.


Comic-Con goodies

Kyengen, Aug 3, 09 4:46 PM.

As many of you many know, I was at Comic-Con in San Diego on July 25th. This just happened to be the day of the City of Heroes panel and this gave me some insight into a few of the upcoming goodies the Devs will be subjecting us to.


First off, the AE issue. As we all know, the system has been brutally abused. All in all, that’s going to continue pretty much as it has been. But they are looking for ways to improve things a bit for the rest of the game to make it more appealing. There are a host of new Task Forces in the works, as well as new zones and ton of new challenges that good ‘ol Positron promises will make the current stuff look like child’s play.


Of course if things are going to get that much more difficult, the 50’s will need to step up their game. That’s right, a new level of play is also in development to bring us big bad 50s to the level of gods. I can’t wait. But there’s more!


As the power sets are getting a little tired these days, it’s time to really go town with new powersets and more mix and match options among the existing powers. This, along with a very description of some new low level activities promises to re-invent the game more than a little bit. Among the new abilities is talk of new weapon types, and wider diversification among other existing powers.


Not enough you say? You ungrateful swine. So be it. There was little the Dev team was permitted to say about the Rogue expansion, but they did explain a little of the upcoming features. Rogue plans to delve deep into the workings of Pretoria and rip that fine line between good an evil to shreds. This will allow players to move from the Rogue Isles to Paragon and back fairly easily. Which of course will make the Controllers froth at the mouth as they watch Masterminds actually control their charges.


Finally, there is the big issue, when will the existing systems see some love. It looks like the emote list is on it’s way to effectively doubling and the bases will finally see some love for the first time since Villains went live. And this is as of yet a very unconfirmed and murky rumor, but with the Rogue expansion, and the hero villain line taking the beating that it is, the base’s may soon allow you to move through to worlds with the greatest of ease. One can only hope and we will soon see.



Don't touch that dial!

Striggoi9, Jul 4, 09 6:07 AM.
If you have time, head on over to the TV room. HU's own Megumi Takeda is your guest VJ.(For those of you too young to remember when MTV showed music videos, VJ means Video Jockey.) Enjoy the show!

P.S. The TV room has moved from the info box to it's own tab!

Idun explains Mapservers

Kyengen, Jun 25, 09 5:45 AM.
During a rather casual run in with the EE leader, the subject of all the recent mapserver issues came up. She said a lot of words to me about this, and seemed to explain quite a lot. I only recall the fundamental basics of all this, cause them magic computin' box be the witching, but she posted a thing about it on the forums. You can check out the full explaintion here. I don't know if any one is all that curious, but there you are cause knowledge is power and all that.


Useful programs

Striggoi9, Jun 7, 09 3:44 PM.
I have added some download links to some very useful programs in the Information box. These programs have made my life much easier, and I hope you enjoy them.

For an example of what City Info Tracker can do for you, go check out this link.
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