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The Final Straw

Knytul, Apr 1, 09 9:01 PM.
We came across a stroke of bad luck with some corruption amongst our ranks that broke us so hard that unfortunately we had to close our doors for good.  To everybody who is unaware of what has happened, what was left of the guild has been merging into Only the Brave.  There was a proposal of:
1) ALL Silent Mayhem would receive no longer than a 2 week app (not 30 days)
2) Guild bank would go with you
3) Any Silent Mayhem member would be given at least 30 days to make it to level/aa requirement.
4) 1 officer of our choosing would go over as an officer (Sacri).

We did a joint SM/OtB raid together and it was VERY Successful and the merger happened.  So currently there is no more Silent Mayhem and any old SM who return who wish to go along with this proposal can contact any Only the Brave officer or Sacri who is currently an OtB officer as well.

On behalf of all the Silent Mayhem leadership, it was a pleasure raiding with all of you and maybe sometime down the road we can raid together again.   Good Luck Mayhemites in all your future endeavors.
Week of March 15-19: Mining Behemoth receives a Sony Overhaul.  So, Silent Mayhem goes in, looks around, tests it out.  Finds out a few things that we cant do anymore.  So we adapt and overcome.  Even with a Paladin tanking Mining Behemoth still gets smacked around like the goat on the back of the pickup truck.  We run over to our buddy Clankwrench with our 35ish ppz in raid, and take him down without even batting an eye, Gratz our New war app on PISC (thank god otherwise this woulda rotted). 

Fabled Time.  What to do what to do.  Apparently CD is going around blocking the rest of the server by taking out ALL the Fabled stuff with 1-2 groups, not allowing anybody to get a piece of the action.  Thats all fine and dandy tho.  We zone into tranq, send trackers out to find nothing and call Fabled Plane of Time.  With about 34 in raid (some box dps), we plowed thru p1-3 and got to Fabled Saryrn.  Set up shop and went to town.  Took her down on FIRST TRY.  3 healers kept 1 war up who never died.  Gratz Zeonixx on Fabled Runewarded Belt.

Next Target: Fabled Terris Thule.  She proved to be a LITTLE more Troublesome.  We set up shop and proceeded to go to town again, except healers were having a LITTLE trouble with range.  A few deaths and a few resets later, we found our Rhythm once again, and spanked that Goth chick like she was nothing more than one of Balthorne's manslaves.  Congratz to Tempress on Fabled Armguards of the Brute.

Started to get a lil late to work on another fabled god with our low #'s so we proceeded to head back to Tranq to see if we could get lucky to find any more targets, unfortunately nothing worthwile was up so called it.  Was a VERY outstanding job for a guild thats only less than 3 months old, never having 40+ raiders, mostly in group gear, and having to overcome all odds and doing better than raids with 54+ people who have raided together for years.  I personally wanna put out a special nice job to the healers of the raid who have been prep'n for these hard hitters for a month now, finding out what they truly are, Adapting and overcoming it effectively and efficiently.  I dont care what anybody says, yall are doing Alright.  Keep up the good work.

18th: Not alot of competition during raid hours for targets.  Got 15 loots for people, some VERY AWESOME upgrades.  Just a lil insight to one of the mobs who died:

And to light a fire up in that ass and keep going, we went back to time.  Saryrn down, Terris Thule down, TZ and VZ down....and since VZ is the last one u can kill on that phase w/out agroing TZ...heres a pretty picture as proof.
Max amount in raid including boxes: 40

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