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Forums : Christmas Festivities 2010 > Festive Quiz Questions (& Answers)
Rowandal (SuperAdmin) 12/16/2010 5:35 AM EST : Festive Quiz Questions (& Answers)

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Festive Quiz Questions

1)      What colour are the berries of the Mistletoe plant?
(Answer: White)

2)      What is the chemical formula of snow?
(Answer: H2O)

3)      Brandy is made from distilling what?
(Answer: Wine)

4)      Which song was recorded by Aled Jones and a hit single from The Snowman?
(Answer: Walking in the Air)

5)      What is the birth sign of people born on 25th December?
(Answer: Capricorn)

6)      Before the tradition of hanging stockings up at Christmas what did Dutch children place by the fireside?
(Answer: Shoes / Clogs)

7)      The Nordic countries tend to celebrate Christmas primarily on what date?
(Answer: 24th December)

8)      How many gifts are given in total in the song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’
(Answer: 364)

9)      Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean is a territory of which country?
(Answer: Australia)

10)   In what country, the world’s seventh largest by geographical area, is Christmas known as ‘Bada Din’ (the big day)?
(Answer: India)

11)   Marzipan is traditionally made from sugar, flour and which nut?
(Answer: Almond)

12)   Who composed the music known as The Nutcracker Suite, for the Christmas themed ballet ‘The Nutcracker’, premiered in St Petersburg 1892? (Extra points for correct spelling!)
(Answer: Tchaikovsky)

Additional Questions

1)      While in space on December 16th 1965 the following report was sent to Mission Control: “We have an object, looks like a satellite going from north to south, probably in Polar orbit ... I see a command module and eight smaller modules in front. The pilot of the command module is wearing a red suit....”  What song did they then start playing and on what instrument?
(Answer: Jingle Bells on the Harmonica)

2)      Name the original eight reindeer from the ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ poem
(Answer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen)

3)      Who are the four ghosts in Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’?
(Answer: Christmas Past, Christmas Present, Christmas Yet to Come and Jacob Marley)



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