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Renita Lux'Kall (Applicant) 1/2/2011 8:23 AM EST : Gears in Motion (Clockwork Rebirth)
Renita Lux'Kall
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Across the cities of Norrath, there were once more sightings of a petite Koada'Dal woman who wore a black longcoat with two grey leather belts stitched either side of her shoulders below the collar. She had a cream complexion, silken waist-length hair that was a light shade of azure, eyes of a bright jade hue and spoke in a posh, upper-class accent that contrasted with her casual, albeit still theatrical mode of speech. However, in place of a right arm and a pair of legs made of flesh and bone, she now had fearsome new golden limbs constructed of clockwork metal that were connected via cables to a small mechanical case attached to her just below the shoulder, poking out from underneath her coat. Sometimes, she would be spotted with eight eldritch tendrils sprouting from her back, the better for killing with.

The dreaded Renita Lux'Kall, also known as the Phage, had returned once more, not long after her apparent death at Atzila Kol'Olmin's hands.

In Qeynos, Freeport, Kelethin, Neriak, Gorowyn and New Halas, there could be found walls where a message had been scorched into the walls of some secluded allyway or suchlike, painted over with the blood of nearby victims whose brutalized bodies had been tossed aside like refuse near the scene of the crime. The messages always read as follows.

"Merry Frostfell, one and all! And a Happy New Year!

I'm pleased with my gifts, are you?

Renita Lux'Kall, Phage of All"

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