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Asto're Kal
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Welcome to Asto're Kal!

    " Forever we thrive in the Moons' light, and we prosper and survive through the hardships. We are undying stars, shining in perfection forevermore. "

-A voice rings in your ears, seemingly from out of nowhere. It is firm, yet professional.- It's a shame these days, no? I see more Kal'dorei roaming the streets of Stormwind then I see them in their own capital city! -The voice scoffs- It angers me to know that the Kal'dorei would lose sight of something so important; their culture. Something must be done about this.

  This order I have formed.. <Asto're Kal> shall be one of the Kal'dorei only! It shall exist to preserve our ancient culture and to bring life back to our glorious city! We must unite our people once again. Yes, Fandral will be pleased to hear of this idea. -The voice trails off in a whirl of thought and pondering- Yes, welcome to the <Asto're Kal>.
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