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Book 7 Release Notes revealed!
Feb 27, 09 8:45 PM
Grats to Nesa and Thistle
Feb 21, 09 1:23 AM
Ad and Limit Free
Feb 17, 09 3:22 PM
Deeds are Done
Feb 12, 09 1:35 PM
Welcome Everyone!
Jan 6, 09 10:52 PM
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Welcome Everyone!!

The Divine Order is a friendly and family oriented kin (those frequent afk moments due to RL will be completely understood!!) Rather than focus solely on end game content we try to enjoy the journey and have fun. This is after all a game, a relief from RL so it should be fun!

We except/have all types of people in the kin, ranging from moms and dads to single professionals and everyone in between. While we do except all ages, anyone under the age of 18 will be evaluated on a case by case basis. We keep things fun and light and joke around a lot but there is still a level of maturity that we expect.

We except people of all play styles and levels.

We promote a fair, and fun environment for all.

We respect, value, and appreciate all members of our kinship, as well as all others, for their unique abilities and personalities.

We promote and adhere to the Code of Conduct of LoTRO along with our Kinship Rules and Expectations.
If you have read the Kinship Rules and Expectations and you are interested in joining this kin please feel free to fill out our small application here.
Or check out our list of officers here and send us an in game tell.

Book 7 Release Notes revealed!

Skuldrin, Feb 27, 09 8:45 PM.
Just when we're finally getting the hang of Moria, Turbine throws in some new stuff and fixes old problems. Lots of great stuff in here, including improvements to Wardens, Guardians, crafting and fixing quest issues. Check the notes out here:

Grats to Nesa and Thistle

Saerian, Feb 21, 09 1:23 AM.
Just wanted to say grats to both Nesa and Thistle, our newest officers! Both go above and beyond to help with the kin. As always, if anyone needs anything, feel free to contact an officer. Now we have 2 more!

Ad and Limit Free

Agormorrah, Feb 17, 09 3:22 PM.
It was brought to my attention that this site had hit a content limit. I threw some green stuff at the site...think it was deadly bile or glow worm guts...never can tell in the darkest, depths of Moria what that green stuff is... and ta da! No more ads and no more limits.  So time to get busy my kinmates! Not even the skies the limit!!!!

Deeds are Done

Saerian, Feb 12, 09 1:35 PM.
Deeds are done! Go into the list that your toon needs, and add a post. I will compile a Master list so we can get groups together. There are several that are individualized for some reason. Like the school is actually listed under eregion if you get your list from burgzurg, so you might have to look around a bit.

Thanks everyone!

Welcome Everyone!

Nesa_D0, Jan 6, 09 10:52 PM.
Welcome to the new site Kinmates!
Please sign up using your main character name so we know who is who, or something close to it anyways.
Feel free to browse the site, get used to the layout, post on the forums, add your characters to the Roster, ect...
Please keep in mind though that the site is still being worked on. I would like everyone to be involved so we can make this a site everyone will want to use on a regular basis, if you have suggestions, feedback, comments, ect... please feel free to post in the Suggestions section of the forums or shoot me a mail on here.
Thanks, :)
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