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The Forger Corporation
Welcome to Forger Corporations. I'm sure you will enjoy... working for us.

What is Forger Corporations? (FC)
The Forger Corporation is a guild that is on the game Star Wars Galaxies (SWG). We are currently in an Emulator for SWG (SWGEmu). Lead by Harry Flores/Sunick Darkra/Sonic Darkra/Onyx Concade. We will be an Imperial guild when SWGEmu go's live, though currently it really doesn't matter which faction your with, were simply trying to get our name out.

What are any future plans for FC?
We in fact do have a well thought out plan for what we will be doing. Once SWGEmu's Sun Crusher Server is released, we will Migrate over to it, true some may want to stay with the Nova server, and they will be remembered as good friends, but sadly cannot stay in the guild simply because they are out of reach. Once SWGEmu go's live, and the game is complete, we will Migrate one more time, to the True Galaxies server (For more information about True Galaxies, please visit Its a great community, and will be quite fun I can guarentee it. Though true, we all want to go to our chosen servers, and thats fine, this is when we suspect FC will lose quite a bit of members. This is also when FC will most likely be how should I say... a bit "underground". And we will not be accepting any members until the leader gets his barings in the new server, once the leader has his barings, FC will start accepting members again, and FC will be massive!

What about now?
Well as I said before, FC is in the TC, every night or so we will host some special guild event, whether it being a DWB run, to killing a Krayt Dragon. Anything the guild wants to do. All guild members also have recruting abilities, simply because we want to get as many members as possible. If your in a chat or something of the sort, simply offer the person to join the guild, if they accept, then join them.


Again... Welcome to Forger Corp.
Forging your destiney.
~Leader of Forger Corporations~

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SonicDarkra, Jan 5, 09 3:36 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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