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Master Planner Evolnod
Welcome to FromTheAshes!

FromTheAshes is a rebirth of DynamisAvengers on Ramuh. We have been operating since 3/3/08, and in that time have amassed a large amount of coveted drops, such as 15+ RDM hats, 10+ THF hands, etc.

FromTheAshes strives for excellence in all areas of Dynamis with an emphasis on getting all the players the gear they need.  We tackle Dynamis professionally and with a precision rare to a Dynamis only shell, and as part of this creed, we expect our members to take their roles seriously, as a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.

Our primary focus is Outlands and CoP zones with cities being done rarely and only as a source of income and to invite recruitment. Eventually we would like to regularly kill DL, but that is unachievable without a certain number of truly serious and dedicated players (or 60 morons). As we don't like to keep morons around, our members tend to be a step up than most dynamis ls, and we expect all of our members to strive for excellence and asskickery.

If you're Johnny Random-AFK or little Susie I-Dont-Work-Well-With-Others, then you've come to the wrong place. If you're serious about getting some nice gear and kicking some ass..... then we've got some drops for you, we get shitloads, and you're gonna <3 it.


Dynamis - Beaucedine Glacier

EasyKillofAsura, Jan 5, 10 2:27 PM.

Dynamis - Bastok

EasyKillofAsura, Oct 30, 09 1:20 PM.
Hopefully I'll be able to find time to update this more often, lately I've barely had enough time to update points between runs.

FromTheAshes assaulted Dynamis-Bastok on Monday with many new members joining us and due to the influx and us almost reaching the goals I set forth for attendance (45+) we migrated to a dual assist.

It will take a little bit of time for everyone to get used to doing that and with the new members I expect a few runs that don't seem to run as smoothly as before as they get used to the way we do things at FTA, but I assure you if we keep this up we will have some insanely successful runs.

Red Mage was the big winner tonight with 5 drops.

Hosom ~ 5 points
Misslilly ~ 25 points
Smokedogg ~ 50 points
Sugarcat ~ 45 points
Whytee ~ 30 points

The Beastmasters didn't do too bad with 2 drops.

Solitarydignity ~ 5
Stabbicus ~ 5

Monks didn't do too bad either, having obtained 2 drops as well.

Azlea ~ 5 points
Donexan ~ 5 points

Solitarydignity also made out with the only THF drop.

Solitarydignity ~ 10 points

SAM had a big fight, but only 1 dropped.

Azlea ~ 165 points

No one wanted BLU so it went free.

Azlea ~ 0 points

SMN dropped and went as a parting gift to someone who recently left Ramuh.

Dgsoil ~ 30 points

BLM Had stiff competition but the Fish came out on top.

Squishythefish ~ 205 points

Sorry for no front page updates!

Envieux9, Sep 20, 09 7:29 AM.
Hopefully we can get to keeping this updated somewhat soon, we are still going strong!

02/27/2009 Dynamis - Buburimu Peninsula

EasyKillofAsura, Feb 28, 09 11:34 AM.
Mega Boss was dead in 35 minutes, every did an excellent job.

SE blows a load for only giving us 2 drops though.

01/23/2009 Dynamis ~ Buburimu Peninsula

EasyKillofAsura, Jan 23, 09 8:39 PM.
Our first run as FromTheAshes in Dynamis~Buburimu was about as epic as they come.  Couldn't find tarasca so we skipped him, not really necessary anyway just usually kill him to get him out of the way when pulling body slam, and when it came time to pull Apocalyptic Beast we had a bunch of links and a bad agro causing a wipe.

With less than 5 minutes left Hosom pulled and ran back to camp as people came unweak and 2hours flew we got clear with 24 seconds left on the glass.  Good Job everyone!

To go along with the clear...
Alphir ~ Ranger Accessory ~ 5 points
Chunk ~ Monk Accessory ~ 5 points
Grafh ~ Black Mage -1 Hands ~ 5 points
Stabbicus ~ Ranger Accessory ~ 5 points

Congratulations everyone! We'll be doing more of these in the future.
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