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Jan 7, 09 10:13 PM
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Welcome all New members!!!!!!

Lords Of Dignity is a Social linkshell, heading towards Endgame, that will hopefully be the ONLY LS you need. With many changing goals as we progess throughout the year.  We may focus on Just leveling, or PL'ing new jobs or members at one point and focus on other events another month.  This is mainly to combat the issue of having too many things to do at once and also help keeps the game as fresh as possible.

Lords Of Dignity is also an LS based on  Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8)
.  We generally start events everyday (weekends included) from 7 PM until midnight, sometimes going as late as 1-2 AM.  We are looking for members that can attend events almost everyday.  This is a Linkshell made of members that CARE, Respect, and will help OTHER members at anytime, when POSSIBLE.


Our biggest rule is the Golden Rule: Treat people as you would like to be treated.  
If you are looking for a LS where you can make friends, go on great pixilated adventures, get some nice gear and have a great time doing it.. then come on in.  This is a game.. it is your game.. why not have some fun in it?



LS Rules

Lords Of Diginity, Jan 7, 09 10:13 PM.
Linkshell Rules for all members

1. Lords Of Dignity is a one pearl Linkshell, meaning all our members are to have a Lords Of Dignity. We consider our linkshell to be Endgame and social all in one. This make us a strong group.

2. We have 1 (for now) mandatory events per week, if your online in-game we expect you to attend the events with us; not killing Forest Hares in West Ronfar.

3. This Linkshell does NOT tolerate drama, you have one warning and then be asked to leave. Emo free zone!

4. We are a strategy based shell so during events listen to leaders for direction. All input is welcome and encouraged.

5. Treat all LS members with respect and curtousy, except on vent (lol)

6. Treat other Linkshells with respect and it usually will be returned. Don't spam /say or /sh and make us look like ass hats.

7. All new members are placed on a 2 week trial to view your attendence and skill with your jobs. During this time you can NOT lot on any gear or items unless approved by a leader. This also ensures new trial members don't Lot and leave. You will however accumulate attendance points when on trial.

8. We allow members to lot gear based on their: Consistant attendance/main job/wishlist.

9. If you want to lot everything that drops, this isn't the linkshell for you. Pick one job to focus on (your main).

10. Consistently maintain your attendance to maintain your lotting rights. If you can't show up for events please don't apply or expect to lot.
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