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A whole new world. A dazzling place I never knew.

We are a no pressure guild on Tanaris realm that strives to ensure an enjoyable experience for all of our members, and we ask our members to represent the guild in a positive manner. 

We're sort of like the neighborhood bar - we will not turn anyone away provided they are respectful to the guild and members, but we will have the bouncer speak with you if you start to cause drama.   We welcome everyone, whether they're here to raid, run dungeons, or just socialize.

Visit the About Us tab for more information.  Be sure to read the Guild Rules, and contact one of our officers in-game if you are interested. 


News & Announcements
Other Guild News

Guild Website Renovation

EngimaShadow, Jan 11, 13 12:12 PM.

Some changes were made to the guild website recently. 

  • The "Join Us" tab has been renamed "About Us"
  • There is a new "Activity Wall" on the Recognitions page where you can post comments about members.
  • There are new forum categories.
  • The Guild Achievements and Instance/Raid runs list on the Recognitions page have moved locations.

Justice is Lost

EngimaShadow, Jan 31, 12 3:36 PM.

...And Justice For All!

Justice is Done! We now earn 10% more Justice Points!

No More Snail Mail

EngimaShadow, Jan 2, 12 2:14 PM.

We've Upgraded From Snail Mail!

We finally got with the times and ditched snail mail. It no longer takes an hour for mail to reach fellow guild members!

Death cannot stop us

EngimaShadow, Nov 16, 11 4:41 PM.

Death Cannot Stop Us!

We now resurrect with 50% for health, and move 100% faster while dead. Really this just means, we get to die 100% more, but we'll live slightly longer.

Assassins are diligent in their work

EngimaShadow, Nov 16, 11 4:37 PM.

Congratulations Assassins!

All our hard work has paid off, and for reaching level 14, we have received a increased chance to raise our profession points. Thanks to all for Working Overtime!

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Guild Officers

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